Drawstring bags are extremely common today because they are comfortable as well as very functional to store your gear. They are very popular among kids and adults alike of both genders. They are more commonly being used as promotional bags today by businesses. This is mainly because they provide an easier medium of advertisement. Drawstring bags are extremely versatile and can be used for many purposes besides promotions. Many people use them as gym bags, for the beach, to travel by air, for school, as cheer bags by cheerleaders etc. The main reason behind such versatility is that these drawstring bags are inexpensive.

efficient small drawstring bags

Companies usually use small drawstring bags not only because they are cheap but because they are so functional. They are given out at various events including school events, sports events and other outdoor events, trade shows, sales meetings, conventions and many other functions. The fact that these can be customized is very beneficial. The company’s logo and the message can be easily printed onto these bags and companies can be sure that they will be used. Custom drawstring bags are actually very easy to make and with basic knowledge, anyone can make their own drawstring bags.

simple custom drawstring bags


Steps in Making your own Bag

  • Cotton drawstring bags are the most common but you can also use canvas bags. First and foremost, ensuring that the bag’s front is facing up, you should lay the bag down on the surface that you want to work on. The surface must be even, hard and flat. Take a cardboard and insert it into the bag.

comfy cotton drawstring bags

  • Now, create an even frame along the border with the masking tape. This step ensures that you keep it neat.
  • With a small paintbrush, apply fabric glue on an iron-on decal and paste it in the middle of your bag.
  • Now pick fabric colors of your choice to paint the bag as you wish. If you want to write something, you could use a bottle of fabric paint with an applicator.
  • Depending on how you want your bag to look, you can even glue in some sequins and beads on to the bag.
  • Let the bag dry overnight.
  • For any special instructions, check the labels on the glue and paint.


  • The bag you choose to customize should ideally be solid colored. Patterned bags don’t give much room for modification or customization.
  • If you are customizing your kids’ drawstring bags, it’d be ideal to use a fabric pen and to add details on the backside of the bag for safety.
  • Protect your furniture and other equipment by using newspaper on the surface that you are working on.

stunning cheer bags

Easy steps are enough to convert drawstring bags into great looking bags just like you love them. You can put your creativity to use whilst customizing your drawstring bags.