Nest candles are creations of Laura Slatkin, who is the founder and CEO of Nest Fragrances. The company is a specialized venture that manufactures home fragrances. Nest draws from the experience accumulated by Laura Slatkin in her years in the home fragrance industry. The expertise of the company is in the design, development, production, marketing and distribution of the best quality home fragrance collections. Nest holiday candles and other products made by the company were made in collaboration with the finest perfumers in the world. Their exclusive wax formulation guarantees that each candle will burn evenly and infuse fragrance throughout a room.

top quality nest fragrance moroccan amber boxed candle

The Great Features of Nest Candles

Nest candles offer a gorgeous set of twelve scents. Nest candles on sale provide texture, fragrance and color to enrich everyday living and create a pleasurable experience. The beauty of the surroundings is complemented by the glass vases, with their contemporary stripe etching and classic shape, which can balance any decoration. If you are going to buy nest candles wholesale, you could acquire the entire scent collection that includes:

  • Bamboo, Black Fig and Honey, Grapefruit, Blue Garden, Moss and Mint, Moroccan Amber
  • Periwinkle Hyacinth, Orange Blossom, Wasabi Pear, Tahiti Vanille, Peony Blanche, Wilde Oats and Bourbon, Pink Jasmine

nest orange blossom votive candle

Nest candles are incorporated with sophisticated base, middle and top notes. They are the product of various experiments that were conducted to discover the exact combination of fragrances that will compliment a room. The candles were designed to surround everybody with an enveloping and meaningful flavor.

Some of the advantages of Nest candles are the following:

  • More value for your money – Each candle is formulated to burn evenly and fills the whole room with a luxurious fragrance at the same time. Most of the candles burn for more than 50 hours so they are really a superb buy. The exterior of the candles are just as attractive since they are packaged in soft velvet box designed with a classy stripe and embossed with the letter “N”. They come in either black or soft red color.
  • Easily available – Nest candles, which are also termed as “nest fragrances” can be found in high fashion stores all over the country.

nest fragrance blue garden classic candle

  • Great for personalization – The candles could be used in each room to personalize them with a unique fragrance, which can be used each day in all parts of the house. Nest candles are made with the best quality ingredients and thus could provide rich fragrance that will not fade throughout the entire life of the candles.
  • Enhances your daily life – When you add nest candles to your personal collection, you will enhance your everyday life because the mood could be set each day with elegant and rich scents. You can provide each room in your home its unique identity by allocating a specific scent to each area of the house.

ideal nest fragrance candle christmas gift

Customers continue to be amazed with each new collection of Nest candles. They are provided with fragrances that fill their homes not just with beauty and sophistication, but also with scents that will elevate their spirits all day long.