Looking for that distinctive luxurious smell? Any woman would love Lou Lou perfume by Cacharel. Chacarel is another one of the world famous French perfume brands which has been making women smell attractive since 1962. Indeed Lou Lou perfume is one of the successful and desired fragrance of Chacarel as more and more women give positive notes and reviews of the product. Launched in 1987, Lou Lou perfume is classified as a subtle, oriental, yet luxurious fragrance.

cacharel loulou perfume

Cacharel Lou Lou perfume comes in with a unique blue bottle inspired by the modern magic lamp. The fragrance of the Lou Lou blue perfume is sure to add that one of a kind tenderness and seduction to any woman who wears it. It is indeed one mythical looking and smelling perfume that promises a magical oriental and floral smell in every spray. Release that powerful fragrance inside the bottle of Lou Lou perfume and magically captivate any man with its fabulous smell that is uniquely and distinctively Cacharel.

Use Lou Lou perfume for any kind of occasion, whether you use it daily or for special events only. Most women love the long-lasting great smell of the perfume and is sure to make you an attraction all day long. Most women love to use Lou Lou perfume as romantic wear. However, there are also some negative comments about the Lou Lou perfume. Some says that the Lou Lou perfume is too expensive and overpowering which is great and seductive at first but would give you an occasional headache from after prolonged exposure to the scent. Still, the fact that the perfume is luxurious makes it desired by the elite class of women such as the young professionals.

cacharel blue Lou Lou perfume

Still, whatever people would say about Lou Lou perfume, satisfied users have been increasing daily. There are so many women buying Lou Lou perfume that some even experience a hard time looking for this unique fragrance. Stores are having a hard time keeping up with the high demand for Lou Lou perfume which ends up running out of stocks from time to time. Lou Lou perfume may have not been on the top list of most desired perfumes today but it is sure to give women that wanted attraction that enhances beauty more than just what they wear. Visit Cacharel at www.cacharel.com and know more about Lou Lou perfume and also other perfumes the company created such as Eden, Gloria, Amor Amor and others.