The best yoga mat is one that is ideal in form and function. It must be suitable for your own personal preference, the terrain upon which you train and the sub-discipline of yoga that you practice. In terms of dimensional and color choices, those are personal preferences left for you to decide.

the best zebra prin yoga mat for you

Types and designs available

For your workout convenience, there are numerous types and colored mats available on the market today.

elite hot hybrid yoga mat

  • Best yoga mat for hot yoga – If you’re going to endure the difficulty and heat of a hot yoga session, then you best be prepared. The best Bikram yoga mat will absorb your sweat during your workout and this is to reduce slipping around when you’re changing positions.
  • Best non slip yoga mat – Looking to go with an eco-friendly mat? How about the Jade Harmony non slip yoga mat. It is comprised of rubber from rubber trees; no synthetics or PVC or other ozone-damaging substances. It holds firm in any position and comes in a variety of colors.
  • Yoga bolsters – These are actually yoga accessories. Weighing up to 9 lbs., some of these bolsters are quite heavy-duty. They are designed to help support you in challenging poses; think of them as sturdy, oval or oblong shaped pillows. Often made from 100% natural cotton, lying down on these yoga bolsters is quite comfortable.

convertible yoga mat with carry strap

Buying and maintenance guide

Wipe down your yoga mat after every single use. If it allows, machine wash it at least once per week. Here is a quick overview to help you purchase the best yoga mat for your next session.

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  1. Price – You can’t always shop for the best yoga mat based on price. It is one consideration to take into account after you’ve reviewed all the other pertinent factors of a yoga mat. Just keep in mind that there are many retailers offering yoga mats so you do have options when you’ve chosen the other specifications you desire.
  2. Thickness – Depending on the type of yoga you’re doing (restorative or strenuous, maybe light floor poses) and the flooring you’re on, thickness of the mat is vital. Make sure you know how much kneeling or standing you’ll be doing to determine the proper support you need.
  3. Style – This is more of a personal preference. But this matters because you’ll be using and seeing the mat regularly. You’ll also be delighted to know there are many different custom prints and textures to make your yoga mat a unique one.
  4. Grip – Your grip needs depend on how much sweating you do and the surface you’ll be performing yoga. The more slippery you’ll get, the more grip you’ll need from the best yoga mat you can find.