T shirts the most common and all purpose apparel is famous all around the globe for its variety of usage and design patterns. Long sleeve t shirts are one section of this multipurpose attire. There are many added advantages linked to these long sleeve t shirts, which can be used according to the social, cultural, economical needs of the customers. Fashion trends keep changing along with new manufacturing techniques and socio-economic factors related to it. T shirt business has evolved with upcoming ideas in t shirt design patterns, colors, shape and sizes and with the growing population.

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Usage and Styles

The most common uses of long sleeve t shirts can be listed below:

  • Most common use of long sleeve t shirts is covering the upper body while travelling. It helps us avoid dust from different tasks to be performed like any labor work.
  • Protects from weather changes as long sleeve t shirts provide warmth as it can be worn along with other apparels like jacket, t shirts and many more.
  • Provide a very elegant and handsome look for men and sexy for women be it any occasion any time of the year.
  • Long sleeve t shirts can be used as an advertising medium by using various designs and graphics of the related product.

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Styles Available

  • Plain long sleeve t shirts: Basic style and commonly used by almost everyone are these plain long sleeve t shirts. Available in different colors they are suitable for any event round the clock.
  • Long sleeve pocket t shirts: Pocket t shirts are also famous among the crowd as it provides a cool look for both genders and are useful as well.
  • Long sleeve graphic t shirts: Graphics are famous among the youth and children. Extensive graphics with favorite designs are liked by everyone on these long sleeve t shirts.
  • Polo t shirts: Long sleeve t shirts with polo designs are one the most popular styles. It is considered to provide a smarter look to men or women especially working in corporate sectors.
  • Round neck t shirts: The common of them all is the rounded neck t shirts which can be categorized in the above given styles.
  • Customized: Customers are given liberty to provide their own ideas to manufacture long sleeve t shirts. Characters, designs and patterns are common customizable ideas to be imprinted on t shirts.

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Features and Designs

Many designs and various features can be embedded in t shirt manufacturing for both sexes. Looking at the demand some basic features can be seen which are as followed:

  • Type of Material: Now depending on the region and topographic factors, different materials can be used to manufacture long sleeve t shirts, which can range from cotton, linen, wool and many more.
  • Size and Fitting: Depending on the gender and size of the human being, all sized t shirts are produced with different fittings specifically for women.
  • Eco Friendly: There are industries that manufacture these long sleeve t shirts using re-used polymers.

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This information hence can be used to know more about long sleeve t shirts, styles involved with it and different features available for both men and women.