Among the various travel guides and resources available, in print or in any form of popular media, Lonely Planet is one of the most relied upon. In case one is wondering about the veracity of the statement, this is most evidenced by the fact that the Lonely Planet founder, Tony Wheeler, has himself been to at least 145 countries all over the world.

If one checks out Lonely Planet’s official website, he will already get substantial facts about travel in general and various travel destinations to be more specific. But for a more comprehensive guide, it is highly recommended that one will get copies of Lonely Planet books.

best lonely planet books

Lonely Planet books are exclusively published by the Lonely Planet’s very own publishing company, Lonely Planet Publications. These Lonely Planet travel books features best sellers and new releases. There are also Lonely Planet guide books that may be purchased as per a specific country or city as well as by multi-countries.

On the other hand, in case one would prefer reading Lonely Planet books by chapters, the website also provides people with books by Lonely Planet available in digital chapters.

 best books by lonely planet

The Travel Book (Pictorial), which only costs $50.00, is Lonely Planet books’ international best seller. It features 229 countries, replete with illustrations of the travel destinations and their travel details. The book’s appeal is owed largely to its alphabetical listing and two-page spreads of each country.

The following is a list of other Lonely Planet books’ new releases and best sellers, as well as their respective prices: Australia travel guide ($29.99), China travel guide ($31.99), Europe on a Shoestring travel guide ($27.99), India travel guide ($29.99), Italy travel guide ($25.99), Japan travel guide ($28.99), New Zealand travel guide ($26.99), South America on a Shoestring travel guide ($34.99), Southeast Asia on a Shoestring travel guide ($26.99), Thailand travel guide ($26.99), USA travel guide ($29.99) and Vietnam travel guide ($24.99).

best lonely planet travel books

Further, people can likewise avail of Lonely Planet books special offers such as their “Buy 3 for the price of 2” offer, wherein when a person buys three books, he can get the book with the lowest price for free.

People can also save a lot when they buy Lonely Planet books’ The Big Trip, which costs only $10.00. This is the first-time vacationer’s one-stop guide to planning his first adventure outside his country.

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Lastly, Lonely Planet books have made their travel guides a lot accessible to people with Lonely Planet books’ version of individual downloadable and printable chapters, which a person could avail for only $4.95 each. These are available in PDF files, as well as iPhone and Kindle formats. The complete version of the chapters would actually turn out to be 20 percent, more or less, lower than the price of a book.