If your child loves playing with dolls, then the Little Mommy doll is perfect because it is very lifelike. Little ones love babies so getting a doll like this as a gift for any occasion, whether birthday or Christmas, is a good choice. The Little Mommy doll line is popular among little girls and is available as boys or girls. The dolls are approximately thirteen inches tall and are made of vinyl and have a sweet little bald head.

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With the Little Mommy Potty Doll, there is a bottle to feed the baby, baby wipes, pretend powder and a potty chair to train the baby. The fun aspect about this doll is that it can drink water and go potty but only in the potty that comes with it. Your child can put the doll on the seat during a potty training session.

The Little Mommy Newborn doll is small and very light for a child to play with and love. They are ideal for little girls who love playing mommy and they can choose the doll that they want and they think is perfect for them. There are many kinds to choose from, whether a child wants a boy, girl, or even twins. Blankets and caps come with the doll, just like in real life, which is intended to protect the baby.

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The Fisher Price Little Mommy doll is a sweet addition to your girl’s toy collection. The dolls appear to be very friendly and are just like the real babies. Some of the dolls are interactive and will laugh or say something when hugged. They vary in size and the name of the baby can be chosen by your child. The name will be recognized by the baby doll when your baby repeatedly speaks her doll’s name.

The Little Mommy doll can also move her body like her little arms and legs as well as her head. It can also be ticklish when your little one plays with him or her. There are also dolls that come with a teddy bear for the doll to play with. Peek-a-boo is another game your child can play with her new little doll.

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Another benefit of the Little Mommy doll is that there are clothing and other accessories that are available to add to the collection. You can likewise buy a stroller or a little high chair for pretend feedings and bottles. Some dolls also come with additional clothes like a jumper, diaper, baby bottle and a tiny blanket to keep the doll warm.

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These are only among the many reasons why you should get a Little Mommy doll. You will certainly be overjoyed when you see the joy on your child’s face knowing she has a sweet little companion.