Do you know the top 5 nail polish brands in terms of quality and affordability? When it comes to nail polish, women could spend a great deal of money collecting colors. That is why it’s best to find a budget nail polish brand to buy. Dollar stores and drugstores carry many great nail polish brands and here’s the top 5 nail polish brands on a budget to choose from. You can find them at your local drugstore or even dollar store for an affordable and stylish manicure.

classy wet n wild nail polish

Top 5 Budget Brands

  • Wet n Wild. Wet n Wild nail polish is a long time budget product. With every color imaginable including special nail art polishes and even chrome nail polish when you need a great price to satisfy your polish fetish Wet n Wild is the way to go.
  • Sally Hansen. Sally Hansen has a history in being in the top 5 nail polish brands that fits in any budget. Not only can you get colorful polishes but you can also get all sorts of manicure tools including top coats, nail strengtheners and nail art supplies from Sally Hansen.
  • Revlon. Revlon is a well known nail polish brand and many of this brand’s products make the top lists. With several different nail polish collections and lines Revlon is a budget polish that gives you a great deal of variety along with the savings.
  • L.A. Colors. L.A. Colors is a brand that has become popular in the past few years. With cutting edge colors and great nail art polishes there is no end to the variety of looks that you can create with this budget nail polish brand.
  • Mirage. Mirage nail polish is a higher end of the discount price range but well worth the extra. With amazing colors, long lasting polish and a great reputation as a quality product, Mirage is one of the most popular budget lines for nail polish products.

glistening green mirage nail polish

When you want to get quality nail polish products that are affordable, simply visit your local drugstore and compare prices. Many times you can find the same color in different brands for a variety of prices. There’s no need to pay a fortune for a great nail polish. You can spend less on each one making it possible to buy more colors at one time.

Most women aren’t satisfied with just one color of nail polish despite the fact that many tend to spend most of their time within a specific color family. Some like pinks, some like reds while other women prefer a rainbow of colors based on their clothing and style preferences.

No matter what your color or style choices you can have an amazing manicure every day of the week with the top 5 nail polish brands listed above.