There are so many things that determine the success of basketball games and shoes are one of them. Good shoes have been greatly valued and some of the most valuable basketball shoes are still in record even long after they were designed and worn. The top 10 basketball shoes of all time are listed below.

Top 10 Basketball Shoes

  • Nike Airforce One
    This is said by most people to be the best shoe ever to be created in basketball history. It was worn in the 1980s by the likes of Michael Cooper and Mosses Malone. It is definitely a beautiful shoe deserving to be among the top 10 basketball shoes of all time.
  • Reebok Question
    Released in 1996, this shoe got a great deal of sales and it brought the Reebok producer to the limelight. It not only broke the record in sales but it got the attention of famous basketball player Allen Iverson. It was definitely his label shoe which he broke ankles with.
  • Nike Hyperdunk
    Released in 2008, the Nike hyperdunk is definitely among the top 10 basketball shoes of all time. The desirable lightweight shoe is a favorite of Kobe Bryant and he certainly donned it to the 2008 Olympics.

 best choice basketball shoes by most athletes

  • The Converse Weapon
    This is the shoe that put Converse in the limelight in the 1980s. The shoe was worn by the likes of Magic Johnson and Larry bird and they are sensational. Certainly among the best basketball shoes of all time, mainly because of their shape and lightness.
  • The Reebok Pump
    Dominique Wilkins did not choose this shoe merely because he had to wear any shoe. It helped him to win his second slam dunk crown in 1990. This is definitely among the top 10 basketball shoes of all time and it is a sensational model of the pump, the best from Reebok.
  • Nike Air Flight Huarache
    This shoe is attention catching for sure. Its intricate design with handle like designs at the back is amazing. Tinker Hatfield certainly put a lot of thought into designing this lightweight shoe. Though initially worn in 1992, it is still evolving and newer models are coming out even today.
  • Air Jordan Xi
    The shoe was designed by Tinker Hatfield for Michael Jordan’s comeback into basketball. It is the best shoe ever and it is still sought after so it is safe to say it is among the top 10 basketball shoes of all time.
  • Nike Air Foamposite One
    The beautiful shoe is very unique and most players still have a soft spot for it. Mike Bibby and Miles Simon liked it very much.

carbon fibre and kevlar basketball shoes

  • Converse Chuck Taylor
    Initially produced in 1917, this shoe is the oldest classic and its legend still goes on. It is definitely among the top 10 basketball shoes of all time and it is sensational.
  • John Walls Shoes: The Zigtech Slash
    The greatest player John Wall wears this and is its new ambassador. Most definitely the latest model from Reebok is the topmost in the top 10 basketball shoes of all time. John Wall is definitely one of the most promising players of the NBA and will wear only the best and these shoes are something.

This list will provide you with necessary idea on what particular shoe to purchase. However, the final decision will always depend on personal preference.