The medical field is one of mystery to most of us. When it comes to orthopedic surgical instruments the layperson is even more confused and in unknown territory. People look up to their medical professionals because of their extensive knowledge and ability to help heal and cure the human body. Orthopedics is the study of the musculoskeletal system; bones, tendons, joints and muscles are in this branch of medical study. Surgical instruments for procedures pertaining to orthopedics are specialized.

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Types Of Surgical Instruments

With so many different medical procedures and injuries, the list of surgical instruments is quite long and not limited to scalpels and Iris scissors. But for orthopedic surgical instruments you can look to some of the more common surgeries and list their relevant instruments. You will find that operating room instruments are sterile and of stainless steel; they are of a grade that is above commercial off-the-shelf implements accessible to the public.

Common Surgical Instruments

Below are common orthopedic surgeries and the surgical instruments applicable to the procedure.

  • Hip Replacement – While it isn’t an instrument, bone cement plays a pivotal role. Liner inserters and trial heads also top the list in this procedure. Angled capsule scissors, bone hooks, prosthetic replacement equipment, Freeman forceps and other types of equipment belongs to this list.
  • Knee Replacement Patellar retractors, Chandler retractors, cartilage graspers and the Meniscal clamp are used, among other surgical instruments, during this surgery.
  • Spinal FusionBayonet scissors, spine curettes, MIS distractors, and disc forceps are often used for spinal procedures.
  • Veterinary Surgical InstrumentsFeline and canine spay sets, Senn retractors, and bone cutting forceps are examples of some veterinary instruments.

Of course this isn’t a full listing of every piece of medical equipment. You can use this information as a starting point.

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Development Of Surgical Instruments

All orthopedic surgical instruments have been developed out of necessity. The need for surgery for different disease, injuries, and miscellaneous reasons continues to expand. In ancient times, bone, stone, and ivory implements were used to remove arrowheads or other foreign objects. Time went on with advances including forceps and scalpels made of bronze; materials such as gold and bronze were believed to have healing qualities.

As the 18 and 19th centuries passed, saws and drills for certain procedures emerged. Stainless steel became the basis for many sterile surgical instruments by the 20th century. For pictures of surgical instruments, online site offer the most data.