Most women often experience pain when they wear bras because of the under wires on the bras which pinch on their skins. With the use of proper fitting styles and common bra accessories, one can prevent the painful experiences caused by the under wires and even improve the overall health of their breasts.

Common Bra Accessories

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There are various common bra accessories that women use:

  • Satin Breast Petals
    Satin Breast petals have a floral design and are usually in the market in three pairs with written instructions. They are nipple covers which can be used for backless and strap less bras.
  • Bra Nipple Covers
    Bra nipple covers are available in the market in a variety of designs in a pack. Every pack of these nipple covers contains a pair of covers which are star shapes, lips, heart and flower. There are instructions on how to use them written on each pack.
  • Bra Strap Solutions
    Bra strap solutions are common bra accessories. They are very useful to women because apart from preventing the bar straps from falling, they prevent them from showing.
    They also redistribute the weight of the chest as well as enabling a more perfect body posture by guiding an individual’s shoulders backwards. All this give one’s cleavage a significant lift and improves their overall appearance. The bra strap solution is very convenient because it is very easy to use and comfortable to wear. It is available in the market as three solutions in every pack with three different colors, i.e. clear, black and beige
  • Beauty Search Strap Cushions
    The beauty search strap solutions help to ease discomfort in the shoulders that comes when one wears a bra. They also help prevent the bra from continuous slipping.
    Because they have a design of a low profile, these strap cushions disappears under clothing therefore improving the overall appearance of an individual .They usually have two fold over flaps that hold the straps of the bra firmly in place irrespective of their width. Beauty search strap solutions are sold in packs made of plastic with instructions written on them.
  • Silicone Nipple Covers
    Silicone nipple covers are the perfect solutions for women who have problems with the backless and strapless bras .These are common bra accessories and are very convenient for use as they can be re-used and washed when soiled. They are sold in the market in two main designs i.e. heart shaped and floral shaped designs. Apart from them being used in bras, silicone nipple covers can be used when one has worn a dress, t-shirt or a bathing suit.
  • Bra Extenders
    Bra extenders or bra extensions are common bra accessories especially for women who experiences temporary increase in weight or have to wear maternity clothing’s. They are easy to attach to the bra straps. Using them enable one to increase the length of their bra band. Bra extenders are available in the market in pack that contains three items.

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Other common bra accessories include magic bra straps, nipple enhancements and the beauty search lingerie tape.