Lipstick is a very common cosmetic product. It can not only make one’s lips ruddy and luster, thereby make her sexier, but also has moisturizing and protection features, especially in dry or cold weathers.

Sexy Trendy Orange Lipstick

History of Lipsticks


  • Lipsticks can be dated back to 5000 years ago. Ancient Egyptian (including males) used black, purple and orange lipsticks.
  • The first tube lipstick was produced in 1915.
  • The popularity of films in 1920s also led to the prevalence of lipsticks.
  • Different times have different trends, including lipstick colors. For instance, purple is a popular color in 1970s when Disco was in fashion, while punks’ favorite color is black. In the late 1990s, vitamins, herbs and spices began to be added to lipsticks.

Though lipsticks can add luster to females, there are some lipstick color selection tips you should follow. You should select your lipstick colors according to your age, skin tone, clothes, occasions, seasons, etc.

Lipstick Color Selection Tips


  • In vibrant springs, it is better to select a color that matches the environment. Maidens can choose orange lipstick. Middle-aged women can use rosy or coral red lipsticks that can increase their elegance and mature charms. In hot summers, you’d better choose pink and lustrous lipsticks that make you exude with full vitality. In autumn, you can show your soft skin with a bright orange lipstick. While in winter, dark brown lipsticks can emphasis stereoscopic effect of one’s lips.
  • Choose colors according to occasions. If you are going to attend an important banquet, mature and steady color will be the best choice. For an interview, you should refrain from showy attire. Pink series lipsticks and gray eye shadow can help you leave a good impression to your interviewers. If your friends are inviting you to Disco, you can put your lipsticks with enthusiastic and bold color into use. If you are going to meet your future parents-in-law, pink and coral color can’t be wrong choice.


Guide To Lipstick Color Selection Tips

  • Make sure that your lipstick color complements the color of your attire. Pink or rosy lipsticks can bring out gorgeous and mature effect to females in black. If you are in white, grey brown can make your mature and steady, while pink lipstick can make you full of youthful spirits. For women in red, it is better to adopt the same series of colors.
  • Choose colors according to your skin tone. If you possess fair skin, you can choose any series of colors. But the best ones should be soft and bright colors. People with deep color skins had better adopt dark red and brownish red lipsticks. Yellow skinned people should avoid using yellow series. Red or pink series lipsticks can increase brightness of their faces and lips.


Matters Needing Attention in Using Lipsticks

Though lipsticks are necessary things for every beauty-conscious lady, it is better not to use them for long time. The pigments, no matter organic ones or inorganic ones, do no good to one’s health. Some ladies wipe off lipsticks before they have dinner and draw them again. Though it brings about lots of trouble, safety is the most important thing. Therefore, for the sake of your health, it is highly recommended to follow suit.