Limited edition footwear can be termed as footwear restricted to a specific number. This means that a limited number of people will have access to this footwear and that is why the price seems to be expensive than regular designs. These are luxury items that can have some historical background, as a symbol of artistry a sport or specific occasions as well. Many people cannot differentiate between limited edition wear and special edition items.

Pricing of limited edition footwear stems from exclusivity. Where you find that only a limited number of people will buy them and popularity of the footwear means that the price of that item increases in value. Therefore, price will definitely be set to cover cost of production as well as make profit for the manufacturer.

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Why Limited Editions For Footwear are Made

Limited edition footwear like Nike lacrosse cleats are made due to various reasons. Below are some of the reasons why this limited footwear is made

  • For commemoration purpose.  A specific type of shoe may be made in a limited edition as a means of celebrating a number of years since it was first manufactured. With this they are made in few numbers that are marked to indicate their size as well as number of shoes made in that edition.
  • Limited edition footwear are a form of marketing where a manufacturer comes up with a design which is presented to the public as limited edition (only few pairs) and sees how they fair in the very competitive market as well as price variation before launching fully with other designs
  • This footwear can be made to capture the elite class in any market and the returns from sales are quite favourable

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This footwear is a great investment to some people as collector’s item. Whenever they buy footwear that is bound to get finished fast from shelves as well as be owned by very few people then with time their investment gains. This makes people buy these type of limited footwear and never put them on. With time they end up selling them at prices higher than they bought them initially. This way the value increases with time as desirability continues to heighten.

Limited edition footwear can be found in many places and the best place to check online is on eBay where you can place your bid for limited edition footwear that captures your fancy.