Having a swimming pool at your own house gives you a very relaxing spot after a long tiring day. But being not able to maintain it won’t give you enjoyment. You might need someone to take care of it for you to continue experiencing delight with it. Fortunately, Leslies Pool services are here to provide quality and professional pool maintenance services.

Leslies Pool is a known company that provides a number of pool services – lighting, chemicals, pumps and motors, filters, float toys and many more. They have been in this industry since 1963 and now they have 600 stores in America.

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Leslie’s has everything you will need if you are just going to start building your own pool. They can also provide you pool services and repair of parts. Here’s more about Leslies Pool supplies, services and repair.

  • Leslies Pool supplies

If you are planning to build, redesign, or if you are just in need for pool supplies, Leslies Pool is the right store for you. Leslie’s has numerous products with high quality and is guaranteed long lasting.
The pool supplies they have manufactured are the following: automatic pool cleaners, pumps and motors, filters and filter supplies, heating or solar equipments, and salt systems.
Many people have already told their experience with Leslies Pool. They are very grateful that they have picked the right dealer of pool products.

  • Leslies Pool services

The company has created a good working relationship with their customers for years. Through their hardworking staffs, Leslies Pool has been receiving excellent customer assistance.

They have expert service technicians that are capable of fixing and maintaining pools. They can help you in the installation of the pool equipments such as pumps, filters, chlorinator, handrail, heater, vinyl liner, and salt system.

  • Leslies Pool repair

If Leslie’s has pool installation services, they also provide repair and maintenance services. They have also specialist in repairing heaters. They also have available employees that can clean your pool, pool tiles and filters.

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The company offers services in tuning up your heater, opening and closing your pools before and after winter months. If your pool’s plumbing lines are clogged, they can also do it for you. They are also capable in changing your sand filters to keep your pool running. Another service is acid wash, but it is only offered in selected retail stores.

Leslies Pool is really a leader in pool supply. Through years of experience in this industry, they were able to build reliance from their customers and they are continuously improving in providing customer’s needs. Leslie’s has everything you need.