Disaster and natural occurrence cannot be predicted but the extent of damage they cause can be controlled. Imagine being in a mist of nowhere and your old vehicle breaks down. A Leatherman multi-tool set is the only compact and versatile gear that should never be left behind. However, before buying yourself a set, take a look on the article on Leatherman prices.

It is important that customers learn and discover the importance of Leatherman prices, customer reviews, compare feedback and comments from satisfied consumers. Many manufacturing companies will write the reviews with the main aim of making the most number of sales.

Who Said Leatherman Prices are not affordable? Here are some Leatherman multi-tool prices for some products from different online stores like Amazon, OpticsPlanet, Sears and other sites.

stainless steel leatherman multi tool prices

Average Leatherman Prices

             1.      Leatherman Blast

This is a Leatherman multi-tools set with more features than the normal one. It has longer blades for easy slicing, cutting and better handle inserts that provides a good grip. Leatherman Blast prices are very cheap; will even go as low as US$ 26 over the festive seasons. However, the price will always rise in case you need you a longer stainless steel set, Leatherman tools in a pouch. Get Leatherman Blast Black Oxide multi-tools around US$ 40. It also varies with the material of the pouch; leather is more expensive compared to nylon.

             2.      Leatherman skeletool multi-tools

Basically, this is a lighter version of the Leatherman wave that may come in two types: regular skeletool and the CX. Although, the tool is very versatile and compact is lacks some features found in the wave. It is worth noting that Leatherman skeletool multi-tools is a brand name that sells a lot. As the brand name goes it looks skeletal; bare and cruel aluminum frame that will scare off your enemies. Here are some low Leatherman hand tools prices that vary in terms of sizes and types.

  • Leatherman 830846 skeletool multi-tools- 35 to 50 US$
  • Leatherman 830850 skeletool CX multi-tools- 70 to 90 US$
  • Leatherman 830845 skeletool aluminium scale multi-tool – 40 to 55 US$
  • Leatherman 830866 multi-tool skeletool CX nylon – 80 to 120+ US$

              3.      Leatherman Fuse

The fuse features all blade locking systems which are very strong compared to other Leatherman multi-tools locks. They are also very portable since they can fit in your palm. It also features lanyard ring, stainless steel material, zytel inserts for good gripping, a sheath and a 25-year warranty which is priced around 35 US$.

leatherman gear prices

               4.      Leatherman Charge Titanium multi-tool

This Leatherman multi-tool is also similar with the other multi-tools except the striking addition of the titanium handles which give it better durability and design. The addition of the titanium also made an addition to its price which lands its Leatherman prices around 80 – 120 US$.

All odds are overcome here, grab one now and see what you cannot tackle. It contains the strongest pliers that can withstand about 150% more squeezing pressure. It is also very secure; the blades are easy and convenient to use. The Leatherman prices for this are just around 30 to 100 plus US dollars depending on features with free shipping if you get it online.