So what do you get the person in your life that acts like a modern MacGyver? Getting him a Leatherman Blast will surely make him one. This is the modern day Swiss army knife that has many different tools and gadgets for your mini-survivalist to use. Each Leatherman Blast comes with about 17 different tools. Any outdoor adventurer would need such multi-tool gadget. The blades are all longer than normal Swiss army designs which make it easier to use and the come with a self locking mechanism that gives you a sense of safety that is unmatched. The Leatherman Blast comes in two different colors, a sliver stainless steel model and a black oxide model.

leatherman blast multipurpose tool

The Leatherman Blast is a great gift for anyone that needs to be in full preparedness anytime and anywhere. Each Leatherman Blast multi-tool comes with about 17 different vital tools one would typically need when adventuring the great outdoors, doing basic carpentry and anywhere in between. You get a pair of needle nose pliers, a pair of regular pliers, and multipurpose wire cutters. You also get the clip-point razor sharp knife, wood and metal filer and a nice looking saw. Then there’s a pair of scissors, small as well as large screwdrivers, and a Phillips screwdriver. Then you cannot forget the small bit driver, a ruler, bottle opener and a wire stripper. Then, you can round it out with one lanyard attachment and a double ended bit. And as then, you get a very nice looking leather carrying case that fastens to a belt.

leatherman blast black oxide design

What is the typical Leatherman Blast review like? Well that depends on where you are viewing your possible purchase. On Amazon the Leatherman Blast gets on average four and half stars from the people that have purchased it there. On another review site, it gets a solid four star rating from the users there. In all cases there are a few that giving it some low reviews, mostly because it did not perform as they expected. While the most seem quite happy with their purchase and purchased one for other members of their family or friends. Hence, reading reviews before you purchase your own Leatherman Blast is important to give you an idea on the performance and capability of the tool.

leatherman blast multi-tool self lock mechanism

As mentioned, you can get Leatherman Blast in a two different styles. Leatherman Blast black multi-tools come with all the same tools at the standard silver stainless steel model. It is made out of oxide black and comes with the same genuine leather case to latch to your belt. It has the same compact size of around four inches like the stainless steel version. So then what is the difference in the two and why would you choose one over another? Well maybe because some like chrome and some like black. Either way, you can be assured that both will perform with the same quality. Hence, the black Leatherman Blast will surely attract more multi-tools enthusiasts since most of these multi-tool gadgets in the market are typically chrome or stainless steel. A black one would be totally cool and unique.

leatherman blast black great outdoor tool

Get your own Leatherman Blast today and have a blast in venturing the great outdoors, doing basic carpentry and anywhere in between.