When it comes to house pests, chances are everyone has experienced waking up to a mouse in the house. Whether they are seeking shelter from the weather, looking for food sources or finding safe places to reproduce, the allure of the modern family home to most types of mice is very high. Hence, these creatures will always be deemed as pests and everyone would like to get rid of them as soon as possible. With that in mind, learning tips on the best way to get rid of mice in any living space would be vital. So how do you know you have mice infestation anyway or is just about to be infested?

effective and best way to get rid of mice

Signs of Mouse Habitation

  • Mouse droppings or urine odors
  • Gnawed boxes and containers
  • Shredded paper in cabinets and storage places
  • Frayed appliance wiring
  • Odd noises within walls, ceilings, cabinets and so on

Getting rid of mice once they have taken up residence within your home can be tricky. However, the best way to get rid of mice in your home varies by situation. In many cases, the most effective way to get rid of mice are the simple and proven ones. You don’t need to go like Wile E Coyote’s style of trying every complicated mice control method different companies sell out there because there are surely a lot of them available by now. Do not assume the deadliest rat poison or strongest trap to be the best way to get rid of mice because such devices and chemicals are extremely dangerous and it is possible that you might also get rid of yourself in the process if mishandled.

At the top of the list of the best way to get rid of mice are simple and basic solutions many people may not have considered. Best of all, they are all natural ways to get rid of mice that require little expenses and effort on your part.

 proven natural ways to get rid of mice

Proven Natural Mice Control Methods

  • Consider adopting a cat. Cats are natural-born hunters and hunting mice is literally their game. They take little-to-no training and do their job with astounding efficiency. Hence, don’t be surprised if the cat knocked a few birds, geckos and other creatures in the process. Dogs are also known to repel mice but not really one of the best way to get rid of mice and rats.
  • Place owl housings on your property. A simple shelter box on your property will entice owls to take up residence. A single family of owls can consume almost 20 mice a night on average. This means fewer mice around the property and within your home.
  • Sanitation. This is perhaps that best way to get rid of mice naturally. Mice aren’t intelligent creatures and they only follow basic instincts which is to find food and shelter. If you secure their food source, seal entry points and eliminate possible dens, then you might never see a single mouse inside your house again.

If neither of these options are available, the next best way to get rid of mice involves manmade methods. It terms of traps, whether you are using humane box traps, glue boards or snap traps, these effective methods work best in conjunction with good bait. Fortunately, the best bait for luring mice is a staple in most cupboards. The best bait is perhaps peanut butter. It is sticky and heavy, which makes it harder to remove thus requires more effort for the mice making it highly possible to trigger the trap, and most mice find it irresistible as well.

effective tips on how to get rid of mice fast

When using in-home mousetraps, these guidelines explain how to get rid of mice fast.

  • Place traps against walls. Most mice will not travel across a room. Instead, they skirt the perimeter. This puts the tasty treats directly in their path.
  • Use traps in pairs. If one mouse triggers a trap, others may come to investigate. Having another trap loaded and ready
  • Check traps daily. A trap is only effective if it is empty, loaded and waiting.
  • Seal any access points around your home. Check windowsills, doorways and walls for cracks and holes. Fill and seal these to prevent further infestation. If the hole is large, consider steel wool to block to hole.
  • Avoid using poisons in homes with small children or pets. While this may be the best way to get rid of mice in your home, it can be very dangerous. Just because the poison is in a remote location, does not mean your family is safe. Levels of poison are present in the dead mice that can and kill small pets and children if ingested.
  • If capturing mice alive, release them at least 200 yards from your property. This will reduce the chances of them finding their way back. By placing them on the other side of a road or stream, scent trails are diminished, reducing the chances of their return that is if you don’t like killing them.

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There are also sound and electronic devices available to lure and repel mice. However, most of the sound devices just repel the mice to areas where they won’t be bothered by the assumed-to-be annoying noise. Hence, it is still the best way to get rid of mice professionally when using such manmade methods. Seeking professional pest control services online is a breeze. If all do-it-yourself ideas fail, the next best option would be to let the experts do it.