The DC hoodies have captured consumers’ attention for several years now. Quality and innovation have been their pillar stones. Excellent quality of the fleece used and innovative designs has helped DC hoodies to be widely recognized. The history of the hoodie itself goes back to many centuries, when monks wore hooded robes. Today, hoodies have become essential clothes in the daily life of individuals as well as in fashion shows.

Over the years, sweatshirts have emerged as the glaring sign of youth culture and casual dressing. It is almost a rebellion against the formal or casual clothes like shirts and T shirts. Hoodies are a variation of the sweatshirt in the way that it has a hood, a drawstring and maybe a vertical zipper to give it a jacket like look. DC brought a smart fusion between art and apparel. It also brought out clothing icons in their line of apparel wear like the DC pullover hoodie and DC zip hoodie. DC hoodies for men can be broken up into three broad categories, namely, the zip hoodie, the DC pullover hoodie and the strong NVRBRKN range of hoodies.

best dc star hoodie navy

DC Zip Hoodies

The DC Zip hoodies are one of the most popular hoodies. Be it the higher zip hoodie, the thresher zip hoodie or the chamber zip hoodie, these are very innovative in design and eye-catching.

  • The Rob Dyrdek range is a very interesting selection when it comes to prints and colors. The Rob Dyrdek Chest Star zip hoodie is already looking like it would be a classic.
  • The Star 1 range has multiple color options. The star 1 zip hoodie is one of the most popular DC hoodies currently with an amazing azure shade that will catch your attention. The Travis Pastrana star zip hoodie is also a classic hoodie that is a bit on the heavier and costly side.
  • The DC cooler fleece range of hoodies is also worth trying.

DC Pullover Hoodies

The DC pullover hoodie scores in style and color. The Rob Dyrdek DC pullover hoodie in red is a very striking hoodie. It will attract you instantly. Color options make this is attractive option for the youth.

dc star guys blue pullover hoodie


The NVRBRKN range is about the virtues of will, determination, mental and physical strength. These virtues ooze out of the NVRBRKN range of DC hoodies. The Men’s trooper NVRBRKN is a hoodie worth to purchase.

DC hoodies are slowly and gradually moving towards an iconic stature in the youth culture scene. Hence, you must know where to find them. The best place to buy these DC hoodies is from the DC shoes online store. Most extreme sports shops will have the legendary DC shoes outlet which will have not only men’s DC hoodies but also DC hoodies for kids. These hoodies for kids bring in the same innovation and styles of the men’s range with a little twist. One must check out the Boys block hoodie with the neon DC logo staring out in front. DC shirts are also a new array for various DC stores. Beautiful DC stars and DC logo are signature styles. The Chomper Polo and Dylan are the most popular in this range. With these wide range of hoodies offered, you will surely find the right type and style of hoodie for yourself.