Do you know how to use a drill properly? Not everyone knows how to use a drill. Only a few is familiar with a drill and knows how to use them. Some stereotype and interchange hand drills to be the power drills that they are using nowadays. Well, there is a difference.

A drill is one type of tool that is used to create holes and drives screws in different materials like metal and wood. For the drill to be completely functional, drill bits are attached to it. Drill bits vary with the type of material it will be used for like drill bits for metals. These convert and amplify the circular motion of the drill chuck. With fast-paced technology, hand drills were already replaced by power drills. Nonetheless, many woodworkers still uses the basic hand drills since it is very portable and there is no limit to where holes can be made in materials.

Useful Tips

When using a drill, make sure that it is held vertically. Turn the handles in a clockwise manner. If you turn it on a counterclockwise direction, it will be impossible to drill even small holes. One more thing, so as not to damage the work bench by the bit, put a scrap material (preferable wood) underneath the material to be drilled. Wear goggles if you feel necessary.

tips on how to use a drill

With improper use, drills may be damaged. This actually requires little maintenance. Just don’t use the wrong bits or adding excessive pressure on the drill. Place a drop of light oil on the crank pinions and chuck gears to use it in the best shape ever. This also prevents rust formation.

How To Use A Drill

Remember, that safety is a must no matter how basic the tool used. To start operating the drill, loosen first the chuck. Then insert the drill bit of choice, for example metal bits. The chuck should be tightened. There is a special tool to firmly tighten the chuck. Properly place the bit on the desired location and angle where you want the hole to be. The next step is to rotate the cranking handle in order to set these in motion. Holes can now be created by the drill. Applying excessive pressure may break or bend the bits. For a quality output, don’t drill fast. Always take your time. With these instructions, you now know how to use a drill.

Safety Tips

  • Never operate under the influence of alcohol, drugs and medications

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  • Tie back long hair and secure any loose clothing or jewelries

  • Drill bits that are bent, dull or damaged must not be used

  • When inserting bits, make sure that they will not cover the fluted portion of the bit

  • If you are drilling metals, use a clamp to prevent the metal from spinning.

  • Use gloves when handling metals.

  • Be aware on where you place your fingers. You might drill a hole on it.

  • Start drilling when the drill is in contact with the work piece

  • For stalled power drills, never turn the drill on or off in an attempt to start the stalled drill because this will damage the drill.

  • Once done, clean up the work area and return drilling tool in proper places.

Basic things are the foundation of complex once. It will always be an added knowledge to know how to use a drill. Know more about it and explore further. You just don’t know one safety benefit this can provide you.