How To Renew Your Passport

Did you know that a passport is only valid for a certain number of years? In the US, persons over sixteen are given passport for ten years and those who are fifteen and under will get it for five years. So, if you are planning to a trip in the near future it’s important to know how to renew your passport. For passports in good condition, the renewal can be done online or by mail. But, the damaged ones have to be renewed in person.

how to renew your passport tips

First, you need to find the old passport as this will have to be submitted with the completed application form, two photographs and other supporting documents.  In case you want to know how to renew your passport in the shortest possible time, then its best to make use of the online resources provided for you to download the different forms. You should also pay the renewal fee when you are submitting the application to make the process faster.

How to renew your passport online

The process for renewing passports online is very easy. The first step would be to find a website that is secure. When you are doing the renewal online this process will require you to complete the form, but you don’t have to visit the office, wait in long lines and then wait several months to get your new passport.

How to renew your expired passport by mail

If your expired passport is in good condition, you can download the DS-82 application form online to do the renewal process by mail. Once the form is filled out, dated and signed, this can be mailed in a padded envelope along with two photographs and your expired passport.

Note that you need to know about the special legal documents to be attached for name change when you are learning how to renew your passport. You should also do your research beforehand to know the correct amount to pay for the passport renewal.

how to renew your expired passport faster way

How to renew your expired passport in person

You can print the DS-11 application form that is provided on the government website. This form should be printed on one-sided pages and then complete without adding your signature and the date with a black ink. Once this is done, you can submit the form and additional documents in person at the Passport Agency where you will sign before the agent. Note that the renewal process will be somewhat different for minors and lost passports.

How to renew your passport quickly

You can use a service to expedite your passport and get it back in less than one week. Even though this is not a guarantee, you could get your passport within 24 hours. Ensure that you check the rates before starting the process as this will vary based on the fast turnaround time.

As you can see, there are several options to consider if you want to how to renew your passport. So, having an expired passport should not stop you from travelling overseas for business or pleasure.

Passport Renewal Application

If you are going to be going anywhere outside of the U.S. within the next two months, it is vital to do a passport renewal application as soon as possible if your passport has expired. Even if you previously had a passport, it can still take about six weeks to get a passport. This means that you cannot take any last minute vacations to even Mexico or Canada, since you can no longer travel across U.S. borders without filling out a passport renewal application form and getting a new passport.

Form for Passport Renewal Application

Planning a trip overseas or even across the borders to Canada or Mexico is a fun thing to do and you would not want this trip to be ruined by the late arrival of a passport. Therefore, it is very important to apply for a passport renewal application especially if your passport is about to expire. This will save you from a lot of trouble.

If you are considering about going to a trip outside of the U.S., then it is important that you apply for a passport renewal application. This is most important especially if all of the passports that your family members have are already about to expire. If that is the case, then you need to fill out a United States passport renewal application. This means that even the children still need to fill out a child passport renewal application because all family members need passports. Even an infant needs a passport, so be sure that you have all family members’ vital information, such as birth certificates and social security numbers in order to do a passport renewal application.

Passport Renewal Application for Adults

You can always check the status of your applications online at the U.S. Department of State’s website, or call the passport offices to do it. Either way you will need the birth date and social security number and last name of all the applicants.

Here are the steps you can do to renew your passport:
1. Process out a passport renewal application form
2. Enclose the old passport
3. Mail it to the U.S. Department of State.

A renewal normally takes about two weeks, but you can pay a fee to get it expedited if desired. This can be a costly choice, however, so it is best to put in a passport renewal application as soon as you know you are going to need a new passport. Alternatively, it is even better if you always keep your passports up-to-date so you can leave on a last minute trip if desired.

Passport Status

If you are planning a dream vacation overseas, you will need a passport. You probably have already packed your suitcase, looked online for the best prices on airfare and are getting excited about the whole trip. However, the most common way of ruining that dream vacation trip is if you do not apply for passports in time for your departure. Hopefully, you have heeded that fact and have already applied for your passport and just need to know the passport status of your request. Before you can do this, here is a little information on the length of time it takes to get your passport and how to check the passport status.

Online Passport Status

So, How Long Does It Take to Get a Passport?
•An application for a passport normally takes about six weeks for normal processing and about two weeks for expedited processing. If you are tracking passport status, then you need to know what information is needed for checking passport status. If you have already applied for your passport and it has been longer than these periods, then it is appropriate to find out the passport status of your request.

•It is possible to check the status of a passport request online via the U.S. Department of State website. Checking passport status is simple. All you need are the last names of the applicant, the social security number, and their date of birth.

•You can also check a passport status on the phone via the National Passport Application Center. Their phone number is 1-877-4USA-PPT (1-877-487-2778).

•It is also possible to check a renewal passport status online or via the phone. You need the very same information as if you are checking on a regular passport application.

checking passport status for travel abroad

Passports Are Important Documents
Passports have become vital documents, especially in the last few years. Now, it is even necessary to have one in order to go into Mexico or Canada from the U.S. If you need to go anywhere outside of the U.S., you need to be sure to apply for your passport ahead of time so that when you do check for the passport status, you will not be surprised to find out it has not been completed.

There are ways to pay extra fees to get your passport in less than two weeks, but these can be quite pricey. Some travel agencies can be of assistance in this matter, but it is better not to worry about your passport status by applying ahead of your scheduled vacation.

Renew US Passport

If you need to know the process on how to renew US passport, then you have come to the right place. You will be glad to know that the process to renew US passport doesn’t take that long at all and actually isn’t all that hard. In fact, learning how to renew US passport should really be no problem at all for most people. Unlike before where you need to go out of the house and do the process yourself, fall in line and fill up a few forms, now you can renew US passport by mail or renew US passport online. It can really be quite easy for you to renew a passport whenever you need it in the US. However, you need to have a few important things in order, and you should follow the proper procedure if you want to get it over with as quickly as possible. So if you thought that it would be difficult to renew US passport today, you need to think again thus this site will enlighten you as to why.

application to renew US passport

The importance of a US passport can never be stressed enough. It is considered as a very important government-issued ID that can be used to get many other kinds of documents or forms of identification. A passport is also important because it is the number one document that you will need before you are allowed to board a plane and head somewhere, anywhere in the world. Without a passport, you will not be able to travel to another country or state. It is essentially your ticket to a plane ride anywhere you might want. If you want to vacation somewhere or have to go to a certain place for a business purpose, then you require a passport on your person at all times.

how to renew us passport rush

After you have already acquired your own passport, you shouldn’t find it hard to renew US passport at all. First of all, you have to look up the requirements and follow them accordingly. In order to renew US passport, you must pass the following requirements:

how long to renew expired us passport

•    must be a legitimate resident of the United States of America with an already existing passport
•    old passport needed to apply for renewal
•    must be over 16 years of age (if under 16 at the time of your old passport’s application, then you must apply for a new one instead of getting a renewal)
•    passport must have been issued in the last 15 years
•    must have the same name as the one stated on your own passport (changed of name needs new application of a new US passport)

faster way renew us passport online

If you are wondering how long to renew US passport is, that will depend on whether you get a regular processing service or not. It will cost you extra to expedite the processing but you will be able to get your passport sooner. As long as you pass all of the above mentioned requirements, you can submit your documents for processing and expect to successful renew US passport in a matter of weeks. If you have more questions yet unanswered then you need to login to for more information. If you are outside the United States, then you need to head to the nearest Embassy of the United States to renew US passport.

California DUI Laws

The California DUI laws are basically aimed at prosecuting offenders with criminal as well as administrative cases and punishing them accordingly. When one gets accused of DUI in California, and he is not ready to give the Breathalyzer Test, then he or she has to undergo strict administrative actions. Here are some existing administrative and criminal penalties for DUI offenders, as well as those penalties that may result to the impoundment of the vehicles of the offenders.

california dui laws administrative penalties

Administrative Penalties Under the California DUI Laws:

• As per the California DUI laws first offense, the offender faces the suspension of driver’s license for a minimum time of 4 months.
• It is compulsory for the guilty to give the alcohol assessment in all cases, as it is also necessary for license reinstatement.
• One is also required to install an ignition interlock device.
• If you drive with a restricted license while with a pending license reinstatement, you have to show SR-22 insurance coverage.
Criminal Penalties Under Old and New DUI Laws in California:
• There is a compulsory three-day incarceration for the first offense conviction that can extend up to 6 months.
• The fines imposed on guilty according to the California DUI laws vary from $1,000 to $1,600 but there are some additional charges also.
• Your record will contain the convictions for the time period of 10 years.

california dui laws first offense criminal penalties

California DUI Impound Laws
Under this law, when you get accused of DUI offense, the government can even take away your vehicle or impound it under their custody. They even have authority to sell it off.
If a person breaks some specific rules and is sentenced to up to six months imprisonment for a first offense, and up to twelve months imprisonment for a second or subsequent multiple offense, then his vehicle is impounded.

Qualifying Vehicle Impoundment Violations
1. Driving of a vehicle when one’s license has been suspended or cancelled.
2. Driving recklessly without following any rules, damaging personal or others’ property, causing death of another person, and causing an accident, and if it is done within 7 years of a conviction for:
* Driving recklessly with an intake of some drug at a speed of 100 mph or above
* Drinking and driving
* The case of driving after drinking alcohol or with an intake of some drug or both and the driver injures some other person
* Accidentally killing someone while driving
* Accident when done intentionally to claim insurance resulting in death of someone
3. As per the California DUI Impound Laws, the vehicle that has undergone any of the above violations will be imposed as a lien.

Thereafter, according to the California DUI Laws, the guilty has to undergo criminal proceedings.
It is obvious that California laws are strict in implementing cases of DUI. This is very understandable, considering the several DUI-related injuries and deaths the state has faced over the years.

Drink Driving Penalties

In the old days, drink driving penalties would not stop most young people from doing it. When we are young, we tend to do reckless and irresponsible things. That is quite understandable and truth be said, youth is a time in our life where we can afford to do stupid things. However, kids nowadays, need to know the difference between doing stupid things and doing dangerous things, or even doing a combination of both. Pulling little pranks, getting drunk at parties, or getting into fist fights every now and then, are the stupid things that teenagers usually do. On the other hand, drinking while driving is both stupid and dangerous, and doing so might lead to drink driving penalties, or worst fatalities, not just to the drivers but even to pedestrians.

Drink Driving Law and Penalties

Drink driving penalties today, however, is designed to be stricter than the penalties and guidelines imposed in the old days. This is largely due to the fact, that there are hundreds of people who were killed due to drunk driving related accidents. This is also the reason why, the most effective way to cut down those numbers, especially for those people who do not realize that drunk driving kills, is to improve these drink driving penalties act. In doing so, people will not be able to squeeze their way through conviction or underestimate the law anymore.

This move to strengthen drink driving penalties needs to be done as soon as possible, as casualties are increasing by the moment because of these kinds of accidents every year. Moreover, a good percentage of these casualties are made from children to teenagers.
So, what are the penalties for drink driving? Well, the slammer is always available for any kind of law offender and drinking under influence of alcohol offenders is not excluded.

drink driving penalties and guidelines act

Aside from the maximum 6 months of jail time as one of the drink driving penalties first offence convicts, a fine of $1000 to $1600 would also be added as a penalty. Keep in mind that in addition to those drink driving penalties, the offender will also be charged on the expenses, which their penalties might have cost the state, such as the installment of the ignition interlock device, repair of road signs and infrastructures, or more.

The ignition interlock device is one of the newly implemented drink driving penalties available in California recently. This device works by preventing you to ignite your car before confirming your blood alcohol concentration level by breathing into it, before you start your car. The device keeps all the logs and any attempt of tampering with it would get you into more trouble with the law and might get your driver’s license revoked.