The laptop power supply is one of the most important accessories for your laptop. Without it, you cannot work with your laptop at all. It helps store energy in your laptop so it keeps running.

Common Problems and Solutions

All the same, the laptop power supply has its own common problems, some of which are:

Short circuits

These are the most common problems that affect power supply units of laptops .There are several causes for a short circuit like:

  • Spilled liquid
  • Dried liquid residue in the adapter of the power supply
  • Overload of the power supply, which may cause the insulation of wires inside the adapter to melt and create a short circuit when they come into contact.
  • Inversion of power terminals.

original sony vaio power supply

This is remedied by ensuring that no liquids are placed close to the power supply. As for terminal inversion, ensure that you check the terminals before connecting the power supply. For overload, use the correct power rating as indicated on the power supply sticker. The insulation on the laptop power supply causes a buildup of heat in the power supply which may damage the wires and components and lead to failure of the whole power supply unit. Ventilating the power supply can help fix this problem.

Cord breakage

This happens especially if the cord is made of hard plastic insulation material, which breaks after a short series of folds and stretches. Getting a rubber insulated cord could help fix this. This especially happens for portable power supply for laptop, which is much more prone to twists and stretches.

There are a few tips you can follow before you go out and buy a laptop’s power supply unit.

  • Ask for an extra cord when purchasing your laptop. This is because most replacement laptop power supply cords are of lesser quality than the original ones, and do not perform like the original ones.
  • Look for a long flexible power supply cord to allow you charge your laptop from a socket across the room, if the one closest to you is faulty.
  • If you are looking for a universal laptop power supply, it is advisable to check the power rating on it to avoid overloading and damaging your laptop.

complete 6 interchangeable dc output universal laptop adapter

A 24V power supply is recommended for safe use on laptops in many countries in the world. This is because many laptops can accommodate this amount of power without any damages. All the same, a laptop power supply is an important accessory for your laptop. Always make sure you are using the right type for your laptop, and you take care of it to avoid both damaging your gadget, as well as the hassle of having it repaired or replaced.