KYB is the largest supplier of original equipment as well as aftermarket KYB struts and shocks that are used all over the world. They have offices in Europe, United States as well as Asia where most of their facilities are based. Their products are world class in regard to quality and are produced in a large variety, which include electronic, ride control and hydraulic products that can either be used as replacement parts as well as original equipment in various types of vehicles.

nissan 240SX KYB performance struts

The range of hydraulic as well as electronic equipment that is manufactured by KYB can be used in different applications that are used in modern day life. Some of these applications include transportation as well as vehicular ones that are used in the automotive industry. Product applications such as hydraulic equipment are also produced by KYB and are used in various projects such as civil engineering, manufacturing, lifestyle as well as testing. KYB is committed to the manufacturing of products as well as applications that can be used in a variety of ways resulting in a society that is more efficient and safe.

KYB gas-a-just mustang quad shock


Popular Products from KYB

The products manufactured by KYB that are well known in many countries around the world include gas struts, steering stabilizers among others. These products are used on a number of vehicles and help to improve their functions while contributing to their overall maintenance.

  • KYB Shocks and Struts – These are the most popular of the products produced by the company because they can either restore or increase the handling as well as control of the vehicle. They are available in different types and are usually chosen according to the functions of the vehicle that need to be improved. KYB struts, which are used to tune the shocks of a vehicle so that it matches up to the driver’s preferences, are also quite popular among vehicle owners who purchase products from the company.

mustang KYB shock and strut kit with quad shocks

  • KYB Gas Struts – These are specialized KYB struts that are used for vehicles that are usually driven aggressively such as sports cars. They ensure that the ride is smooth, secure and the driver has complete control over their driving.
  • Steering Stabilizers – These are mainly used to restore steering control so that a driver can be able to maintain control either on the road or in a terrain that is rugged. These stabilizers can also be used on SUVs as well as trucks that have been imported or manufactured locally.
  • Strut Boots and Mounts – These quality products are built as well as designed in such a way that they exceed or even match the original equipment. While strut mounts optimize suspension and the performance of the steering wheel, strut boots prevent strut shafts from being contaminated by leaks.

KYB AGX 4-way adjustable struts

Overall, when buying KYB products such as struts, it is always advisable to read through a KYB struts review to get to know what other vehicle owners think of their quality products. So what are you waiting for? If you are in need of shocks and struts, check out the ones that are manufactured by KYB.