Koi Scrub Pants are fashionable scrub suits ideally made for people in medical field and wellness centers such as massage salons and spas. It sports comfort, style and functionality. Koi scrub is more than just medical apparel. It merges fashion and function as one.

How Koi Scrub Pants Became a Fashion

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These highly favored Koi scrub pants became a fashion when Kathy Takamoto Peterson from Honolulu, Hawaii became a fashion designer to prestigious fashion companies such as Guess™, Barco™ Uniforms and Carole Little™. She redesigned Workface™ and brought on the concept of scrub fashions. And this was when she started her own company named Koi. She started with Koi Happiness as brand name. She chose a Koi fish as company logo because it means being successful despite great obstacles according to the ancient Chinese expression. The Koi logo lives up to its implication when Koi scrub pants hits well with the people in healthcare field who welcomed it with open arms.

Why Koi Scrub Pants are Trendy

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Koi scrub pants are well-liked because it provided what people in healthcare needed in their working uniforms. They are very comfortable and easy to wear. Its 100% pure cotton material provides ample softness to the skin. Unlike other polyester scrub suits, it is easier to wash and iron because of its pure cotton quality. It does not fade as easily too. The Koi scrub pants’ designs have functional back and side pockets. Its cargo pants design has corded Hem that can be adjusted for better fit. The pants can be matched with stylish blouses like kimono, surplice and peasant designs.

Koi Scrub Pants Products You Can Try

  1. Koi Cargo Scrub Pants. This has two distinct designs, the Koi Lindsey Cargo Petite Low Rise Draw String and Koi Lindsey Tall Low Rise Draw String Pants. These two are the most popular in their line of ready-to-wear items. They have adjustable hem toggle and low rise drawstring waist for easy fit. They have two pockets on the front and back. They also have side pockets which are convenient feature for a couple of items you want in handy all the time.

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  1. Koi Men’s James Cargo Pants. This design is intended for men in action. It has an adjustable drawstring that makes it easy to put on. It has pockets in the back, sides and front that makes it like a carry-it-all pants. The flaps of the pockets are made of Velcro.  
  2. Koi Sarah Scrub Pants. This design sports a slimmer look that flatters flat front with its elastic back waistband and side zipper. It is snugly fitted from waist through the hem giving a sleeker and more sophisticated poise.
  3. Koi Karlie Scrub Pants. This is straight-cut pants with a classic wide elastic waistband combined with drawstrings. This style is very comfy for leg action. This has back pockets which are attached as patches and two double front pockets.
  4. Koi Marissa Scrub Pants. This is notched on the waist for easy pull-on. This style has a modern look with flat front and elastic back waistband. The four-pocket design made it more functional.
  5.  Koi Jordan Scrub Pants. This for-men style has a zip fly. It fits all sizes with its elastic back band that adjusts with the size of the waist. This is a low rise pants with flared leg detail that has slits on the sides, pen loops and functional 6 pockets.

Where to find Koi Scrub Pants

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Koi Scrub Pants on Sale is available online. One site you may visit is NWScrub store with prices that ranges from $23.95 to $31.95. You can also find other cheap Koi Scrub Pants there. Ordering online is the easiest way to go. Amazon.com provides lots of style to choose from. They also make shipments and payment on the address of your choice. Even if you are working in a busy medical setting, you also need to be fashionable. The best scrub suits are the ones which are soft and comfortable for jobs demanding high action. Koi scrub pants are fashionable working apparel you that will always love to wear.