Estee Lauder is perhaps one of the leading cosmetic brands in the world responsible for making women more beautiful and elegant through their different products. Estee Lauder started with a chemist uncle who developed a skin cream that aims to bring out the beauty in every woman. By the time the company started producing perfumes, it has already established its name firmly in the market winning numerous loyal fans around the globe. Among the many Estee Lauder perfumes today, Knowing perfume is one of the successful created fragrance of the company where most woman find it effective in making them attractive with an affordable price.

estee lauder knowing perfume

So if you need great perfume without having that hefty price, knowing perfume for women is the right fragrance for you where it is affordable yet have an intense aromatic fragrance that is sure to make any woman’s beauty known all day long. Knowing perfume by Estee Lauder was first released in 1988 which is classified as a woody, mossy, and refined fragrance. Many women love Knowing perfume’s chic and feminine scent of blended rose, jasmine, sandalwood, amber, oakwood and mimosa. Most of these women love not just the great fragrance of the Knowing perfume, they also love its powerful presence which can be felt and smelled even in a distance away. The perfume sticks to the clothes and the wearer all day. Knowing perfume’s fragrance can even be smelled during washing the clothe which demonstrates its power. Estee Lauder Knowing perfume is also one of the cheaper perfumes you can buy in the market today which makes it even better.

womens estee lauder knowing perfume

You can find many great reviews and testimonies of Estee Lauder’s Knowing perfume online. You can read most of them when you buy the perfume at an online shopping site such as and You can also find discounts when you shop Knowing perfume at these websites. Visit Estee Lauder’s website at and know more about this warm and sophisticated perfume for women which also tops as one of their best selling perfumes ever. Aside from Knowing perfume, you might also want to try other perfume products of Estee Lauder which includes Beautiful, Sensuous, Pleasures, Youth-Dew and so many more. Estee Lauder also makes other beauty enhancing products such as various skincare products, makeup, lotions and so much more.