Bow ties are one type of men’s neckties that consist of a ribbon fabric tied around the collar symmetrically such that the two opposite ends form a loop. In the 17th century, ancient mercenaries used to tie scarves around their neck to hold their shirt together. In the modern times, bow ties were designed to replace these scarves. They are associated with particular professions including architects, attorneys, university professors, waiters, politicians among others. They are also used by men on formal occasions and social gathering since these pieces of clothing are an embodiment of propriety, an indicator of fastidiousness and intelligence, hence most appropriate for formal occasions.

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As observed by various style columnists, bow ties for men are experiencing a potential comeback, not only for formal occasions but also for informal occasions like dinners and cocktail parties. Modern bow ties are made from any kind of fabric but often silk, polyester and cotton are mostly used. When it comes to color, the most sought colors are black, blue, pink, white and maroon. There are various kinds of bow ties available in the fashion world today and they are:

  • Already Tied Bow Ties – These are mostly used by beginners and inexperienced wearers of bow ties. They are readily tied and all you need to do is wear it.
  • Clip On Bow Ties – These ties are clipped to the front of the collar. They are among the most popular types of bow ties.
  • Self Tie Bow Ties – These bow ties have to types:  bat wing and thistle. The bat wing looks like a cricket bat while the thistle looks like a butterfly.
  • Zipper Ties These are essentially regular ties with permanent knots and zipper mechanism inside that allow for appropriate adjustments in accordance to the width of the neck. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. They go well with jackets and sweaters.

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Fashion wise, it is more fashionable for people to wear bow ties with dinner jackets compared to other types of ties. They also look great with morning coats. When it comes to color, personal preference and the dress code are the key determinants. Polka dots are the trendiest and most opted design today. You can wear the bow ties with your jeans, suits and even khaki pants. Cheap bow ties can be found all over leading mall stalls and online stores. There are great discounts on online stores and sales for mall stores. Get the best bow tie that will look good on you.