Sunny days are the best laundry days. It is nice to be always sunny. Yet, one cannot control the tide of weather. Clothes dryers are people’s good friends during rainy and winter seasons. Good thing, technology is helping people make their lives easier. Marketing agents also, are making these technologies within people’s reach by offering commodity prices within their budget. Cheap dryers are found in appliance stores most especially for emergency purposes when long time dryers break down. For family outdoor adventure, a portable clothes dryer will surely make things easier. Clothes dryers are designed into different types and each type provides advantages for your laundry needs.

 stainless steel clothes dryer

Types of Clothes Dryer

Different types of clothes dryer are widely seen in the market. Different countries have different ways of doing their laundry. Here are the types of clothes dryer.

  • Traditional dryers – It draws the air from the outside, heats it and draws it into the tumbler. After passing into the tumbler, the air becomes hot and humid. This will then be vented outside the dryer. This design is still widely use because it makes cheap dryers.
  • Microwave dryers – This dryer is first made in Japan. It uses microwave to evaporate the moisture from the clothes. The final act on drying is convection of heat. It avoids damage on the metal details of the clothing. It has a 25% shorter drying time and 17-25% energy saver than the conventional dyers. It is almost the best electric dyer ever invented.

modern clothes dryer

  • Ventless dryers – This dryer do not have an outlet to vent out air, rather it has a heat exchanger that causes moisture by cooling air. The air then condenses and run to the drainpipe of the dryer. There are a lot of different ventless dryers. They are spin dryers, condenser dryers, heat pump dryers, mechanical steam compression dryers, convectant dryers and solar dryers.

Clothes dryers should be cleaned after usage. A dirty drying vent will cause to accelerate more and becomes overheated. This will lead to high usage of electricity. Among household appliances, dryers are one of the most costly in terms of energy. Proper cleaning should be maintained. Always remember that a vent that is blocked with lint can cause fire.

 easy to use portable clothes dryer

Parts of a Clothes Dryer

When parts of a dryer need a repair, it is a must to contact the right supplier and their clothes dryer repair section. Along with this, it is necessary to know the parts of the dryers often used. The clothes dryer parts are:

  • Vinyl flexible vent hose
  • Quilt dryer timer
  • PE material sheet
  • Temperature sensor
  • Membrane switch
  • Push Button selection switch
  • Thermal cutout
  • Capillary thermostat
  • Dryer motor
  • Timer
  • Lighter Springs
  • Carbon Fiber Heating tube

 durable efficient traditional clothes dryer

There are many ways to buy clothes dryer and its parts. You may ask where to buy clothes dry. Your local appliance store will be happy to help you out with the right types of dryer you need. You can also browse the web if you have no time to go out and search for it. There are a lot of websites who offer clothes dryers and also its parts. Know the price, compare the durability and weigh all possible advantages of one over the other. You will eventually find the right clothes dryer or parts that you need.