When the snow starts falling, many homeowners are bound to experience ice dams. What are these ice dams? Well, ice dams are those which are formed with ice on the edge of the roof. This will be a big problem to the house. Ice dams will result in water seepage and this will rot the roofs, flood attics, destroy insulation and ruin gutters. This damage can also extend inside the home by damaging ceilings, belongings and paintwork. How to prevent ice dams? One needs to follow some steps to prevent ice dams and make some research online in order to find about how to prevent ice dams. A great way to avoid melting from the inside is by maintaining a well ventilated roof and avoid it in the first place. Here, are some instructions which help in maintaining proper roof temperature and help to prevent ice dams on roofs.

ways on how to prevent ice dams

Tips On How To Prevent Ice Dams From Forming

  • The most important place for the loss of heat in a room under attic is normally ceiling this is especially by a place beside the wall. Now, check the ceiling, taking the help of a flashlight and then take appropriate methods to maximize that problem.

  • Cold air will be able to move about through the attic. The channel will permit to insulate above the wall and then compress the additional insulation to that restricted area. Seal the gaps that are around the pipes or other electric wires in order pass through plates within the walls along with the help of caulk or expanding foam.

  • Make sure that the attic vents are kept open so that the heat will be inevitability escaped from the living places to the attic and goes out.

how to prevent ice dams in gutters

  • Insulation and ventilation are one of the best ways on how to prevent ice dams on roofs. One can also find the best ways on how to prevent ice dams in gutters from online. All this requires a lot of research on the web.

Pulling out the snow with the help of aluminum roof rake, which has long handled is another way of how to prevent ice dams from getting larger and reach critical masses. A rake which contains wheels will not harm the roofing. Hence, there are numerous modern products in the market today in solving how to prevent ice dams. Roofmelt in particular is a very simple yet effect product you can try. Simply put the hockey-sized pellets in an affected area and watch the ice melt away. You can also use it in frozen porches and driveways.

Thus, all the above are the methods on how to prevent ice dams. One should also know some more tips online so that they are well in advance in preventing ice dams in future. One can know the best ways on how to prevent ice dams from various websites online.