You come across different types of tapes and their uses as per the specific requirement of the projects. While they have predominant use as the electrical adhesives yet you can’t deny their utility in the academic front and advertising purpose (like labeling, poster sticking etc.) as well. Different types of tapes have different capacity depending upon their suitability of usage. A tape when used for joining papers may have less adhesive capacity however; those tapes which are to be used for electrical wiring have not just strong adhesion capacity they are also used as the code with their unique color identity. Some of the common types of tapes and their uses;

colored fashion duct tape

  • Duct Tape: Suitable for sealing ducts and can be used for fastening cloth, rubber, cement, plastic or vinyl etc.
  • Masking Tape: You can write on these labels and are pasted on vials or bottles in hospitals.
  • Electrical Tape: Insulators for electricity such as heat shrink tape.
  • Double Sided Tape: Sticky on both sides.
  • Cellophane Tape: Transparent tape and is commonly used in homes for light sticking like wrapping gifts or sealing envelops.
  • Heat shrink tape: This is highly recognized for being a strong insulator for electricity. As heat and electricity has adverse impact on the wires and their efficiency heat shrink tape provides the best alternative for covering such wires.

Heat shrink tape has the highest capacity among various types of tapes and their uses in different applications. While it is known as heat shrink tape but you would be amazed to know that this does not have sticky material on it rather it is used with heat of open flame. As soon as heat is applied on it the tape starts shrinking and covers the writes or pipes firmly.

most affordable cellophane tape

  • Scientifically this tape can shrink up to 3/4th time of its original size.
  • You can choose heat shrink tape in different colors options like black, yellow, green, blue etc. among others.
  • The best thing is that this tape is easily affordable and you can get it for as low as 2 US dollars.

Heat shrink tape is among one of the most effective types of tapes and their uses for electrical insulators. For using shrinking tape the process is very simple and it can be applied through DIY (Do It Yourself) method. However if there is greater volume of wires or tubes to be wrapped it can be done through machines.

Use of These tapes has many outstanding advantages. For instance you can mould them in any size with the effect of heat. They provide firmer, secure and safe sealing. Besides they are the best insulators against heat or electricity.