If you keep up with the happenings of Hollywood, you are most likely going to hear the name Kim Kardashian mentioned. But what do you know about Kim Kardashian bio? This article is meant to provide you with a short biography of Kim Kardashian.

popular kim kardashian bio

In Beverly Hills, California on October 21, 1980, Kimberly Noel Kardashian was born to Kris Kardashian and her first husband, the late Robert Kardashian Senior. Kim is the second of four children for the couple, and is a Hollywood socialite, entrepreneur, actress and model. Kim gained her celebrity status from her curvaceous body, the hit reality show about her family, her workout DVDs, her various endorsement deals and a controversial video tape with her and her ex-boyfriend Ray J that was leaked to the public.

One thing that can be said in this Kim Kardashian bio is that is seems that this dark haired beauty was destined for fame. Kardashian grew up in Beverly Hills and was even the preschool classmate of fellow socialite Paris Hilton. Her father was the founder of the well known marketing and music company Movie Tune Inc. He was also a prominent lawyer, who is well known for representing O.J. Simpson in his murder trial. In 2003, Robert Kardashian Senior died from cancer of the esophagus.

socialite kim kardashian biography

The Kim Kardashian bio reveals that while she was attending a Catholic high school for girls, she began working at her father’s company. The company was left to Kim and her siblings when their father died; however, since then, they have sold it. Kim once said that she and her siblings grew up with privilege; as such, they had very high standards. She also said that in order for them to keep that high standard, they had to work hard.

Hard work has paid off for Kim in a number of ways, ranging from wardrobe stylist to actress. She has even entered the business world, and has formed Kimsaprincess Productions, LLC, which has so far released three workout DVDs starring herself.

The Kim Kardashian bio continues when in 2006, Kim and her two sisters opened the boutique known as D-A-S-H in Calabasas, California. In 2000, Kardashian married music producer Damon Thomas; however, they divorced after four years of marriage. Kim has had many high profile boyfriends including Nick Lachey and Reggie Bush. Kim began dating NBA star Kris Humphries in December of 2010. The couple got engaged on May 18, 2011.

There is a lot more than can be said in this Kim Kardashian bio; however, this is just a quick glance into the life of this beauty Hollywood star.