Art is a wonderful way for your child expresses how they see the world around them. Some of these are made from durable plastic for easy clean up as your child might want to constantly change the project that they are working on. These are also sturdy and can be passed onto the younger generation. Some of these products are also compact and easy to store.

kid craft deluxe wood easel

Kinds of Easel for Kids

  • Artist Easel – are made from durable plastic and are double sided, one side is equipped with a chalkboard and a magnetic dry erase easel for kids. Also has a paper clip on both sides for painting and drawing activities.
  • First Impressions – are made quality wood, sturdy and stable. Double sided, which is composed of a chalkboard and dry erase board. Equipped with storage bins, perfect for art materials. These are also called wooden easel for kids. These also have adjustable legs which are perfect for toddlers and early teens.
  • Play and Fold – a multi-purpose easel and can be converted to a table with stool. Made from durable plastic for easy clean up and sturdiness.
  • Inflatable Giant Easel – are perfect for outdoors. Does not need paper, can create a masterpiece daily and wash away.
  • Rolling Art Desk – the pochade version for children. Allows storage for coloring materials and also allows the young artist to work anywhere. Equipped with 50 feet coloring paper.
  • Three in One Easel – made from durable plastic with storage area. Double sided, chalkboard and dry erase board and can be converted into a table for maximum flexibility.
  • Five in One Activity Easel – these are table top easel which allows the child to have five activities in one. The activities are magnetic, coloring, painting, stencil and wipe off.
  • Espresso Easel – an art easel for kids that are made from hard wood. These are solid and sturdy. Double sided, chalkboard and dry erase board. Equipped with roll paper dispenser. Also has adjustable heights, storage bins and can be folded for easy storage.

expensive ghent4 leg easel with magnetic marker board

These are just some of the kid’s easel that is available in the market today. These products can be availed through the internet or your local school supplies stores. These items are also available in various designs, color and sizes. These are great for your child and as gifts. This will not only enhance the artistic side of the child, this will also help the child to be creative.