Not all boxing gloves are created equally. The kickboxing gloves allow for more hand dexterity, as it is a mixed martial art sport. More of a varied use of hands is permitted so the strict form of a boxing glove differs greatly. There are also cardio kickboxing gloves, which are used mainly for training. They are worn by kick boxers who are working with music to work on timing.

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Available Sizes

By measuring your hands with boxing hand wraps, you will be able to identify your size. Make sure you measure the width of your hand across the knuckles while wearing the wrap. Also, measure your wrist circumference and the length of your hand from longest finger to your wrist. You can use these dimensions to find the appropriate sized glove from a reputable kickboxing gloves source.

The available sizes vary as do the weight of the gloves. For sparring and bag punching, you’ll want heavier gloves in the 16-20 ounce range. This offers a lot of protection for your hands and the spar partner. After all, there is no sense in injuring yourself during practice.

Competitive fights will range in weights of 10-12 ounces for kickboxing gloves for women. The size of the actual glove can range popularly being 11.2. X 5.5 X 4.1 inches and is lightweight. You can also find them 11.0 X 6.0 X 4.0 in dimensions but for the wearer, small-medium or large-extra latge are the most common size characteristics.

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Popular Brands

As recommended by some of the most popular kickboxing websites online, these following kickboxing glove makers are the best.

  • Fairtex – Their main website can offer you not only their own brand but they sell the brands of boxing gloves below as well. You will enjoy their impact padding, quality construction and leather material.
  • MTG – Very popular and weighted kickboxing gloves, these can come in leather as well. Some come with reinforced straps, stylish logo design and ruggedized padding for hand protection.
  • Twins Equipment – This is another reputable glove maker with products accessible online. Their gloves are high-quality, impact resistant, stand the test of time and come in varying ounce weight and sizes.

Kickboxing gloves are available in a variety of padding, design, and price ranges. You can purchase them for under $25 but that’s not recommended. These are a form of protection for your hand during sparring and training. Your very bones are at stake. For a quality pair of kickboxing gloves you’ll want to shop in the $35 and over range. The materials are of higher quality and ruggedness and you’ll appreciate the comfort and durability.