Suncloud Optics is a leading manufacturer of polarized sunglasses. With emphasis on comfortable fit and innovative features, Suncloud sunglasses are just as functional as they are fashionable. With a full line of products, including prescription sunglasses, there is a design and fit perfect for you and your needs.

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Key Features

One of the keys to Suncloud sunglasses outstanding reliability is the quality materials and state of the art processes used to create their glasses.

Injection-Molded Polycarbonate Lenses

The injection molding process allows Suncloud sunglasses to produce lenses with a high level of precision. All lenses are guaranteed to be free from manufacturer’s defects for the life of the glasses. The polycarbonate composite used to create the lenses provides a rigid lens with superb clarity and a feather-light feel.

Polarized Suncloud Sunglasses

Lens Tints

With a variety of lens tints available, you can find the perfect tint for your lifestyle. Brown and golden tints provide added contrast. Gray and blue tints ensure a high level of color accuracy. Polarized Rose tint provides enhanced glare elimination with an appealing look.

UV Protection

Every pair of Suncloud sunglasses includes industry-leading UV protection. This prevents potential damage to your eyes while providing enhanced vision during outdoor activities.

Eight Base Frame And Lens Curve

With eight distinct curves throughout each pair of glasses, every pair fits comfortably while providing outstanding protection on both sides of the face.

Spring Hinges

All metal frames include spring hinges at the temples for an improved fit and increased comfort.

Light-Weight Frames

Suncloud sunglasses believe that sunglasses should enhance your outdoor activities, not hinder them. With the lightweight Grilamid Nylon frames or metal alloy frames, you will soon forget you are even wearing them. Nose and temple tips composed of Megol help to resist slippage when you are sweating or in humid conditions. All of this combines to make a pair of sunglasses that are ready for whatever adventures you might have in mind.

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All of these features have helped to rocket Suncloud sunglasses to the top of the eyewear lists for many outdoor enthusiasts. Reading just a few of the many online Suncloud sunglasses review listings make this apparent. Whether you are looking at outdoor enthusiast sites or checking with retails, rave reviews are not hard to find. With a wide selection of frames, lenses and tints to choose from, finding the perfect pair of sunglasses could not be easier.

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This popularity makes these glasses easy to find, both online and on storefront retailers. If you are shopping on a budget, previous years’ models will often be placed on clearance as the new years’ models are released. By shopping on a Suncloud sunglasses sale, you can purchase a pair of Suncloud glasses at an exceptional price. If you are looking for an older design, vintage Suncloud sunglasses can be found on the internet for great prices. Best of all, when you purchase through an authorized retailer, you can still enjoy the full benefits of the Suncloud Optics’ lifetime warranty.