Girls would really love to experiment when it comes to fashion and style. Making use of beauty products are some of the most effective ways in which they are able to achieve their goal in terms of beauty, style and fashion. The thing that girls and even men would do is to take good care of their hair. To many, this is what you call as hair treatment which has a lot of definition. Hair treatment is generally defined because there are many types of hair treatment in the beauty industry. One type of hair treatment is your keratin hair treatment. Just like other treatments, it comes with an advantage and a disadvantage. Advantage because it may satisfy your needs, disadvantage because it has keratin hair treatment side effects.

hair loss keratin hair treatment side effects

Common Keratin Hair Treatment Side Effects

  • Hair Loss
  • Induce Cancer
  • Lessening of Hair Texture
  • Allergic Reactions

Cancer and Keratin Hair Treatment

Commonly, these are some of the few side effects which people would complain about after they engage in this type of hair treatment. These keratin hair treatment side effects are recorded as a long term side effects to people who experienced this type of treatment. Among the Brazilian keratin hair treatment side effects is the chance of getting ill like cancer. This induces high risk in cancer as long as the product is being used for a long period of time.

Aside from that, when you speak of global keratin hair treatment side effects that are negative results of your keratin hair treatment and is categorized under the keratin hair treatment side effects as another infusive way to cause cancer to the user. Cancer maybe the longest side effect on your body, but at the same time, you may also experience other losses just like your hair.

side effects  of brazilian keratin hair treatment

Hair Loss and Damage

Categorized under keratin hair treatment dangers, hair loss and rougher hairs are also part of the keratin hair treatment side effects. In hair loss, the customers will notice that their hair will start falling from the root after they conduct the first wash. These have been observed by many women who are fond of doing hair treatments. Not only that it can cause hair loss, but it can really damage the looks and texture of your hair. The hair would also be rough in texture after 2 or 3 weeks as it will fade and dry in every wash. And lastly, allergic reactions may also take place and the need of consulting a doctor is strictly required to avoid damage and danger. So, you better have to think twice before engaging in such treatment.