Kenetrek Boots is a company that specializes in the manufacture of shoes for rugged terrain and intensive work. The shoes that this company produces are meant for sports people as well as hunters and people who look for comfort for their feet when taking part in sporting activities.

Hunting or backpacking in rugged terrain can be a tiresome job. This is compounded all the more when you use shoes that are not suited for the purpose. This is a problem that is common among many people to the extent that they throw all care to the wind when it comes to taking care of their feet on outdoor expeditions. These people accept that sore feet are a normal part of an outdoor expedition. Kenetrek boots are here to ensure that this is not the case.

waterproof insulated kenetrek cowboy pac boot

Features of Kenetrek Boots

There are four main types of Kenetrek boots. These are:

  • Kenetrek mountain boots
  • Kenetrek hiking boots
  • Kenetrek Pac boots
  • Arrow moccasins

There are two main features of Kenetrek boots that are common and make them as popular as they are. These two features are – tough on the outside and soft on the inside, and are talked about in many Kenetrek boots reviews. The tough exterior is made of pure leather. The soles of Kenetrek boots are also very tough. This means that you can walk on rock, through thorns and all sorts of obstacles in the outdoors without feeling any pain on your part. However, even though the exterior is very tough, the interior of all these boots is very soft and gentle on your feet.

kenetrek mountain extreme hunting boots

Other Kenetrek Products

The Kenetrek Company has more on its line of products than just boots for the outdoors. The following products are all available from Kenetrek:

  • Eberlestock backpacks
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Clothing
  • Accessories

kenetrek hardscrabble hunting boots

The Eberlestock backpack is meant for hunting. It is very tough on the outside. It is designed to carry your bow and/ or arrow. The positioning of this bow or arrow is such that you can retrieve it without having to take off your backpack. It is also made to expand anywhere from 2900 cubic inches to 8100 cubic inches.

The hats are made of pure wool and are meant to be comfortable and gentle on the head. They are made in with natural wool which means that they are resistant to rain. The gloves can be used for a wide range of activities ranging from outdoor hunting to everyday chores in the house. They are made of different materials including elk skin and deer skin. The accessories produced include hunting gaiters, cowboy spur straps and cowboy spurs, boot wax, boot laces and even T-shirts.

kenetrek gaiters for good hunting

Shopping Guide for Kenetrek Boots

There are dealer stores of Kenetrek boots available in places all across the United States. These range from Alabama, through North Carolina and Wyoming. There are even dealer stores in major urban areas like the states of California and New York. If you do not find a dealer near you, you can always request for delivery straight from the website. On the website, you can even find Kenetrek boots for sale at a very affordable price.