Helpful Tips Making Performance Evaluation Examples

Performance evaluation forms are popular tools in appraising staff and employees of human resource departments, organizations and managers. Hence, one must be wondering what these performance evaluations should contain and the questions it must be asking the subjects. Looking for performance evaluation examples would really be helpful in cases where you don’t really know what to ask. You can find numerous performance evaluation examples online wherein most are brief and would only extract what is essential from the subjects.

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Looking For Performance Evaluation Examples

Organizations often look for employee performance evaluation examples to use as part of their assessment of employee performance. When used as an initial point for periodic review program development, the samples result to staff and employees who are more productive and satisfied with their work. When developing the review program, most companies go to their labor relationship board as their first stop.

An online labor relations site is operated by most states in cooperation with their respective Employment Security Office. The evaluation examples that can be found on these sites comply with state laws and understood by government employees with regards to the issuance of discipline to them.

If job performance evaluation examples are not available from the local or state labor board, the business owner or manager must develop the evaluation themselves. A sample phrase from performance evaluation examples could be used but they must be personalized to fit your own or your company’s goals.

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Ratings scales are used in performance evaluation examples. A typical scale is as follows:

Scales or Ratings Used in Performance Evaluation Examples

  • Unsatisfactory – this means that main improvements are needed
  • Needs Improvement – this is higher than unsatisfactory but could be done better
  • Meets Expectations –  duties are performed as ordered with minimum amount of supervision
  • Excellent – all duties are done in a cost effective way with measurable results that are positive
  • Outstanding – performance is above and beyond the requirements of the current position

There are many ways to scale performance of workers inside an organization. You can also go with numerical scales wherein the lowest number describes dislike and the highest represent favor.

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What Performance Evaluation Should Ask

Here are performance evaluation goals examples that are typically contained in general performance evaluation examples. These are normally evaluated in most performance evaluation forms to assess the current state of the organization.

Quality of Work

  • Consider effectiveness, thoroughness and accuracy
  • Pressure or the capability to meet certain quality standards
  • Performance of work matches established expectations

Quantity of Work

  • Thoroughness, efficiency and competence at work no matter what the volume is
  • Accuracy and neatness


  • Launch and sustain effective working relationship
  • Shares resources and information with co-workers
  • Follows supervisor instructions and respond to team member requests in a positive manner
  • Contributes time and effort to the performance of the team to meet goals and realize team success
  • Overall efficiency when working together

Knowledge of the Job

  • Applies the right procedural and technical knowledge in a particular field
  • Degree of technical ability
  • Knowledge of work procedures, facts, information and methods that related to the assigned tasks
  • Perform assignments with minimum amount of supervision but consults with the right staff and seek supervision if and when needed


  • Creates and recommends own procedures and consider the degree of the employee’s own constructive work
  • Improve and implement new procedures, ways, concepts, solutions, applications and designs of present procedures and designs. A self-starter
  • Accepts more responsibilities and challenges and assist team members willingly. Self-reliant
  • Assignments are completed in a timely manner

Interpersonal Relationships

  • Consider the degree of consideration, tactfulness and cooperation of the employee in dealing with coworkers, faculty, students, supervisors, managers and others

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Health and Safety compliance

  • The degree of compliance that the employee exhibits on company ordered safety rules

These are just some of the contents of performance evaluation examples. One should also consider the fact that performance evaluations would largely differ when evaluating different levels position in the organization. It is important that everyone is account for even the supervisors and managers. One could try a mix of self-appraisal types of performance evaluation examples and the typical evaluation wherein the subject is evaluation by somebody else. Overall, performance evaluation tools prove to be very important in goal-setting, training and re-training and other aspect of an organization.

Dental Hygienist Courses

If you are planning on becoming a dental hygienist, you will have to take a certain number of dental hygienist courses to accomplish the task and each jurisdiction has a separate set of requirements for you to become an authorized hygienist. Many people are actually unaware of the exact requirements to become a dental hygienist and it is important that you give it a proper thought before applying in. There are numerous colleges operating dental hygienist courses, but you will need to choose one from the wide range of choices.

learn different dental hygienist courses

Moreover, today you can also opt for dental hygienist online courses which are offered by reputed institutions through their websites. So you will just have to follow the instructions that they have provided to get started with the course. Additionally, this option seems to be more promising because of the convenience you have in doing the course especially when you have no dental hygienist university courses in your area or city. So if you are interested in doing the course and have been held back because of absence of good college, now is the time for you to start applying online.

best dental hygienist university course

Online courses have an equal value as that of a college degree and strict rules and regulations to maintain their quality level and keeping their students under control. Before jumping into any conclusion, make sure that you study the details of college courses for dental hygienist and see if the timings and requirements mentioned on the course schedule is good enough for you. Once you join, you won’t be able to change them or switch over and hence a good understanding is required as you will have to work hard for the next few years to crack the exams and become an authorized hygienist.

finding dental hygienist online courses

Nonetheless, the opportunities in this field are numerous and that is one reason why people have started to show interest in these jobs. While other area seems to be overwhelmingly crowded, this one field has rather large demanding nature and requires more and more people to join because of their constantly expanding nature. So if you are interested in the job, then you should definitely start scouring through the dental hygienist courses available to you and choose the most appropriate one. The time period of these dental hygienist courses is quite uniform and has the same level of value as other degrees offered by the colleges of today.

learn different dental hygienist courses

Dental Hygiene Jobs

There are numerous opportunities for beginners who have just completed their dental hygiene course but finding the right dental hygiene jobs is what is important. Every dentist usually requires a dental hygienist to assist him and it is the dream of every person who is looking for dental hygiene jobs to train under someone who has a good reputation and has a significant level of experience in the field. So when you start your search for dental hygiene jobs, make sure that you do a good deal of research on the subject and analyze all your options.

cool dental hygiene jobs

It is not so hard to figure out what the best international dental hygiene jobs are and then analyzing them from your point of view is the next step. You can always take help from your friends or colleagues or even from someone who has a good knowledge about these matters. If you are unsure about choosing from this wide range of dental hygiene jobs, then you should slow down and make up your mind about what you are actually looking for.

best international dental hygiene jobs

Many people actually prefer government dental hygiene jobs because of the wide variety of privileges associated and it is kind of one way to secure your future. But then, there is an equally high competition for such jobs and hence you will need to be extra smart to crack the interview and get in. So maybe you should try your luck with private jobs as a first timer and then eventually take your shot on the government jobs. Hence you won’t have to worry much about finding a job as you already have one and you will feel more confident while taking shot on other job posts that you like.

looking for government dental hygiene jobs

Most people usually are on their attempt to bag dental hygiene jobs overseas because people are of the opinion that it has a much larger scope and people actually seem to be extra happy with their jobs there. Of course, you will have more complicated working schedules but people claim that it is more convenient to handle because of the sophisticated machineries and technologies at your disposal and your work is pretty much reduced. This is the reason why people prefer to go for job overseas and it means a lot of money for them which is often a problem within the state and this seems to be a more promising option.

choosing dental hygiene jobs overseas

Dental Works

There is always a need for dental works in everyone’s life where in some point of their life they will have a damaged tooth or a bad cavity. Whatsoever be the case, you will require treatment by a dentist to cure the problem and unlike other health problems, you cannot handle them or treat them by yourself. So there is a need to find some good dental works and services where you can go to get help with your tooth problems.

reading some dental works reviews

Many people usually have a permanent doctor that they see and if you don’t have one, it’s about time you find someone who has significant experience in the field of dental works so that whenever a problem for any member in your family arises, you can consult them rather than running around searching for a good dentist. In a way, keeping track of the best dental works in your area can be a boon as you will have a good idea where to go when a problem comes up. So to find the best dentist in your area, one easy way is to check dental works reviews provided by the experts as well as customers who have rated the dentists based on their service.

reliable dental works jobs

So once you start your search, there are certain that you need to keep in mind while the search progresses. For instance, you should find the dentist based on his reputation as well as his experience in this field. There are numerous dentists around your place and finding who gives the best service is up to you. Some charge additional cost and still provide poor services. Similarly, there are several factors that make a good dentist. But then, don’t focus alone on the price but also his experience and expertise in handling cases should be taken into account.

some dental works locations

So once you figure out who to go with, you will have to figure out the dental works locations if you haven’t figured it out yet. Every dentist seems to be busy with their numerous dental works jobs and hence getting an appointment with the experts also is another problem. Anyhow, once you have a good idea about who the best in your area is, you can stay confident and take your children to them when they happen to have tooth problems. Anyhow, always make sure that you choose the right dentist so that you don’t have to pursue the search for good dentist once again.

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Worst Graduation Gifts

Graduation is one of the best times in someone’s life, as the person will now be moving on to bigger and better things, whether it is to advance to college, or to leave the same and work. Gifts are also a big part of graduation. Some can be good, and some can be the worst. Here, you will find out what are the worst graduation gifts of all time.

Graduation Gifts To Avoid

  • Paper Weight

This is one of most horrible gifts for college students. While it can be used to hold down a stack of papers, still, it doesn’t really do anything for the person. For one, not all people have their own desks, nor do all people keep a pile of papers. Most often than not, it only ends up with other decors. Hence, this is one of the worst graduation gifts.

best Worst graduation gifts

  • Pen

Pens can be used for applying for jobs, or writing, but there is no excitement and action to a pen. Pens are simply not something to get someone who has worked four, or maybe more, hard years in class.

  • Tie Clip

Another one of the worst graduations gifts for college students, and this if for the guys, is a tie clip. Tie clips can be decorative for a man’s tie, but it is not the type to celebrate someone’s achievement. It may be used to celebrate during the graduation, but it should not be a graduation gift. Plus, if your man needs it, he can get one himself.

  • Money Clip

This is something else on the list of the worst graduations gifts of all time. A money clip will be useful if money was being given as well with it of course, but by itself however, it is not something to invest in a gift for a college student. If they are going to college in just a few short months, a money holder is not what they will be thinking of.

  • Desk Clock

This item could be useful in the dorm room, but it has no appeal for the high school or college graduate. This can be the worst graduation gift just because it is not something they can enjoy as a student. In fact, majority of these students most likely have their own clocks at hand.

  • Photo Album

Next on the list for the worst graduation gifts is a photo album. They may be nice for keeping pictures of the graduation in them, but the key is excitement and thrill. Plus, the advance technology for students today is starting to make photo albums obsolete.

best cheap gifts for college students

  • Picture Frame and Food Basket

A food basket is one of the worst graduation gifts ever thought of. Usually, it is brought to someone when someone has died. A picture frame is also boring as well. Students want things they will enjoy using. They want action and stimulation.

  • Daily Planner and Flowers

Last on the list for the worst graduations gifts are the daily planner and flowers. Daily Planners can be good for the student getting organized, but it is not fun and exciting. Plus, cell phones, iPads, and laptops can now take care of this. Flowers do not do anything as well, but only a temporary piece of decoration. They can look good in dorm room, and could be a nice gesture, but it is not really useful to a college student.

Hopefully, these ideas on the worst graduation gifts will help you when you are buying a graduation gift for the fresh graduate in your life.

Top 10 Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is quickly approaching and many high school graduates will be heading off to college. To celebrate this momentous event, it would be fun and proper if you can give your son, daughter or friend a present. There are many options for you to purchase gifts for college students. You may also choose to give a personalized gift. Here is a list of the top 10 graduation gift ideas any college student would love to have.

Best Gifts To Give

  • Gift #1. Cash

This is one of the very best gifts to give college bound students, as they have many expenses from books to meals, even decorations for the dorm room. This is the number one gift idea among the top 10 graduation gift ideas.

  • Gift #2. Gadgets

You cannot go wrong with a great computer, laptop, tablet, or Ipad for a college bound student. This is perfect for taking to class for notes and for playing games during down time. A plus for this gift is that you can do research and send emails to friends, as well as to mom and dad know anytime you want.

Top 10 popular graduation gift ideas

  • Gift #3. Job Essential Gifts

This is a great option for college graduates and these can be anything from a personalized pen set to a briefcase. Leather bound and personalized equals a super nice gift.

  • Gift #4. Basket Gifts

This definitely belongs to the top 10 graduation gifts. Give your graduate a basket full of all his favorite things, whether it is food, pastries, or gift cards to his favorite restaurants. You could even go for a gift basket full of things they may need for their dorm room. Try a laundry basket with laundry soap, hangers, dryer sheets, and fabric softener.

  • Gift #5. Digital Camera

College is not all about getting an education, but it is also about having fun, growing up and becoming the adult a person is going to be. Why not allow your graduate to capture it all with a new digital camera.

  • Gift #6. A Trip

Your graduate will be leaving home for four long years. Sure, he will be home for the

holidays and probably some during the summer. But with college tuition on the rise, why not give your college graduate free plane or cruise tickets or prepaid travel package deals with the family. Nothing beats family time and that is why, a family trip belongs to the top 10 graduation gift ideas.

  • Gift #7. College Paraphernalia

Stock your student’s soon-to-be college home with plenty of sweatshirts, t-shirts and book bags, and anything else he might find useful for school. He will surely be needing all of these, and may be too tight on his budget to buy everything himself.

  • Gift #8. Smartphone

Smartphones are called such for a reason. They have calendars, email feature, calculator, notes, and almost all features he will need day-to-day that will help remind your student of classes, homework, and even to call home. Plus, you can get a hold of your student with just a push of a few buttons.

best gifts for college students

  • Gift #9. Jewelry and Accessories

Watches, necklaces, rings, and bracelets would definitely be gifts that will last forever. They are meaningful and they let your graduate know that you really care. This is a great gift, which is why jewelry made it on the top 10 graduation gift ideas list.

  • Gift #10. Luggage

Whether your graduate is leaving home for school or staying in town, you cannot go wrong with luggage. Everyone needs a good set of luggage bags. There will eventually come a time that they will go somewhere and need a good set of bags.

So, as the graduation announcements hit your mailboxes in the next few months, be sure to purchase the perfect graduation gift. You don’t have to spend a lot, and this list of the top 10 graduation gift ideas have a wide range of prices. Just be sure you are getting just the right gifts for your college student.