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How To Make A Logo In Photoshop

How To Make A Logo In Photoshop

In today’s world, it is so important to stay up to date with current technologies and graphics.

If you are in any industry that requires a logo, then it is critical to create a logo that is relevant, eye-catching, and simple.

Logos are a crucial component to owning and managing a successful business. I mean, think of the Nike ‘swoosh’ or the McDonald’s iconic ‘M.’

A person could travel around the entire world, see these logos and immediately know what they mean.

Photoshop is ideal for logos, because it allows you to customize your fonts, colors, brushes and other features. Its built-in creative features allow even a brand new user to make something eye-catching without having to slave over the design.

Adobe Photoshop is ideal for photographers, because it allows for the most control over photo editing and manipulating.

If you already have an idea or vision of a logo in mind, Adobe Photoshop is an incredibly powerful tool to assist in creating the best logo possible.

​The Power of Branding a Logo

brand text in a laptop screen

Image Source: Pexels

Logos are a universal language independent of language.

Logos allow a brand to communicate with a picture. Logos pay homage to the brand as well as give something for the clients and consumers to connect to. There is something about seeing the well-known Starbucks logo that brings a spoonful of bliss to my life every time I see it.

This is the feeling or goal that companies should have in mind when crafting the perfect logo for a business.

Logos can help lead a brand effectively into high profit margins but on the other hand, a bad logo can deter a potential client or consumer from purchasing from a brand. A logo should reflect your business model and goals.

Let us use the example of the Nike ‘swoosh’ to breakdown the important of a logo reflecting your business. The name ‘Nike’ represents the Greek goddess of victory and the ‘swoosh’ is reminiscent of taking flight or making moves.

You can tell that Nike took the time to really narrow down and consider the impact their logo would have on those who would look at it.

A logo should also evoke an emotional response from the consumer. Companies use the power of different colors, fonts and previous research studies to decide what the best option is for their particular brand.

There are many more reasons that logos are important to a company, but we are not interested in the ‘why’ today.

Today, we are focusing on the ‘how.’ Specifically, how to make a logo in Photoshop?

​How to Make a Logo in Photoshop

man using drawing tablet and laptop

Image Source: Pexels

We are going to cut out all the noise today and cut straight to the chase.

Photoshop is the best way to create a stunning and relevant logo for a business. Photoshop is convenient, high quality and offers the best platform for creating an attractive logo that people will associate with a company immediately.

Photoshop can be a difficult program to learn and it definitely helps having experience using the program, but rest assured, Photoshop newbies – we have your backs too!

  • ​1. Create Your Document
  • ​2. Add Exciting Elements
  • ​3. Start Writing Content
  • ​4. Crop & Save Your Logo

Crop your final image so that it is the proper size you desire. Save your Photoshop logo with the appropriate name and always save an extra copy in a .PSD file. Save this extra copy to make it as easy as possible for you to go back in and edit and tweak your logo.

​Other Factors to Consider

person with tattoo holding a paper with design text

Image Source: Pexels

Although it seems relatively simple from the above steps, creating an effective and powerful logo is super complex. The creator must consider things such as size, color, image, target audiences and more.

Who is your target audience? What are characteristics of your target audience?

For example, if you are making a new sunscreen that is marketed to be all-natural, chemical free and coral reef safe. The target audience will most likely be parents, adults over the age of thirty and conscious consumers who care about the environment.

It is probably wise to not use an image of dead coral reefs to market this audience. Maybe using calm colors like the blues and greens of the ocean along with a smiling sun or happy child would be more appropriate.

In this case, it is not about what you like, but what your target audience will like.

When it comes to sizing of your Photoshop logo, choosing something that is not too small to read or understand is key. On the contrary, try to keep your logo’s text to fewer than ten words. More than ten words on a logo turn into more of an advertisement instead of a powerful visual representation.

​What to Do with Your New Logo

social media logo on sticker papers

Image Source: Pexels

You have created a brand-spanking-new logo -- now what do you do with it?

You push it out on every platform, of course. This means every single outlet you have – your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etsy, Pinterest, any platform you have your business associated with.

Change your social media platform profile pictures to your new logo. Do you have a business Facebook page? Make a post and show your customer base your new look. Even ask them how they like it in the post.

If you want to get super interactive with your user base, you could even draft three different versions of your logo vision and ask the audience to vote on which logo they like the most.

After all, they will be equally enjoying the new logo as much as you.

Do you sell merchandise? Maybe contact local print shops and make an order for T-shirts with your new logo on it. Get that logo out to the world in as many ways as you can.

The more your logo is seen, the better.

Chrome Bathroom Accessories

If you are looking for something that will help your bathroom become more appealing without having to spend a lot then installing chrome bathroom accessories is the best way to go. There are different types of bathroom accessories that are made from chrome that you can find in stores these days that it won’t be too difficult for you to find the right accent to install to your bathroom space today. What’s more, most of these bathroom accessories are priced reasonably well so you can get to liven up the place while getting some serious savings.

brushed chrome bathroom accessories

One of the most popular chrome bathroom accessories these days you can purchase are those that are made from polished chrome. Polished chrome bathroom accessories are easy to install as well as maintain. You don’t have to worry about rust forming at all since chrome can withstand moisture easily. There are plenty of bathroom accessories that are made from polished chrome that you can get to purchase these days such as soap dishes, towel bars and the like.

cheap 5 piece chrome finish bathroom accessory set

Another type to consider when it comes to beautifying your bathroom is to install brushed chrome bathroom accessories. What makes this type worthy of your attention is the fact that, aside from it being easy to maintain, its color is not too overpowering. In fact, it can work well with any bathroom theme you have already where you can get to incorporate chrome bathroom hardware that is made from brushed chrome without any hassle. For sure, your bathroom will be looking a lot better compared to before.

nemesia polished modern chrome bathroom accessory set

When it comes to chrome bathroom accessories, there are lots of places for you to find them. You can get your hands on chrome bathroom accessories set in your local hardware where you can find different types of accessories that will work well with your bathroom. Of course, nothing beats having to shop for these bathroom accessories online especially when there are far more options to choose from. What’s more, their prices here are far more competitive that is why most homeowners often spend their time looking at online sites these days.

Making your bathroom to one of the best places in your home is easy to do especially with chrome bathroom accessories that helps brighten your space without overpowering the overall effect. Whether you are looking for bathroom fixtures, cabinet knobs or even accessories to place different toiletries, stores today are sure to provide you can everything you need for your bathroom theme without too much hassle.

showerdrape wall mounted towel shelf

The next time you are looking for a way to bring new life to your bathroom and without spending too much, you should definitely consider chrome bathroom accessories. Chrome bathroom accessories are cheap, beautiful and can help your bathroom to look more elegant and modern in an instant.

Tips on How to Boost Employee Morale

Your employees’ morale can fall off anytime especially if they are doing the same responsibilities and duties repetitively and they are not appreciated by their superiors. This can result to poor performance as well as lack of motivation and productivity. For this reason, executives and business owners should ensure that the employees maintain their interest and they are appreciated with how they perform at work.

Use the tips below for you to be able to boost employee morale and productivity within your administration.

ways to boost employee morale


Waking up every morning is one of the hardest parts in a working individual’s life. Employees are often stressed and tired after consecutive days of work, which may give them difficulties to focus and perform at their best at work.

  • What you can do is to offer them a freshly brewed coffee or tea to help them regain alertness and enthusiasm towards the busy day ahead. Your employees will thank you not only for the energizing drink, but also for your thoughtfulness.


It is always appreciated when someone remembers your birthday or a sincere person applauds you for an accomplishment well-done. This also applies to the people of your company.

  • When you are able to recognize the special happenings in their lives outside the workplace, consequently, they will feel valued rather than being ignored and neglected.


This may sound too obvious, but implementing respect can make a lot of difference to your working relationship with your employees.

  • Show them the respect and courtesy that they deserve.
  • Whenever the opportunity permits it, always remember to say thank you or please.
  • Also, avoid swearing, losing your temper, or ignoring your staff.


  • Employees prefer a superior that is appreciative and grateful when they have made a significant difference in the company.
  • One good way to show appreciation is through the Employee of the Month program, where you can also offer incentives to the deserving individual.


Once in a while, it is good if you can treat your employees with pizzas or free lunch. This gesture will surely keep their spirits high. Not only that you would get the opportunity to bond, but you will also help them to stay in the mood.


  • This can be done by holding meetings occasionally to tackle about problems (if any) and concerns that your employees may have.
  • Let your employees know that you are always there to attend to any problem concerning the company despite of your busy schedule.
  • Getting feedback and reactions from them may also be necessary.

how to make workers more productive


Our world is constantly changing, that is why your employees should also be updated with the latest developments on their designated field.

  • If you are unable to do this, your staff may sense your unwillingness to invest on their training and may also feel uncompetitive if they see better-trained employees from rival companies.
  • Send your employees to seminars or conferences, or you also enroll them to relative classes in order to help them excel.

And because you are an executive, you will need to evaluate your subordinates to see how they perform at work. This is made easy through ready-made performance evaluation examples that you can download from the internet. Samples are of different kinds to suit the field of work you will be evaluating.

Tips in Improving Employee Efficiency

Regardless of the size of your company, obtaining a group of hard-working, efficient, and motivated employees is essential for its success. Lack of these important qualities may result to poor job performance; therefore, the business also suffers. With that being said, the price that you pay in enhancing your employees’ efficiency can be worth it after all.

Following are some tips that you should utilize in order to ensure that your employees would become efficient, productive, and willing to give their very best for the sake of the company.

basic tips in improving employee efficiency


First, put yourself in the shoes of your employees and understand their basic needs as working individuals. Some of the most significant needs of an individual are the need for diversity, significance, and human connection. Different personalities require varying levels of these needs. If you are unable to fulfill any of these, chances are, it will affect your employees’ performance as well as self-esteem.

THE NEED FOR HUMAN CONNECTION: Generally, we humans always feel the need to connect because we are created as social creatures. Lacking of this stimulus, however, can result to undesirable outcomes. By connecting to your people, you are giving them the impression that they are valued and appreciated.

  • To implement this, you can start with getting to know more about your employees and their personalities.
  • Set up a meeting or attend to the important events in their lives like birthdays or graduation parties to get to know how many kids they have, their ages, how they do at school, or just random information to show your appreciation to them.

THE NEED FOR DIVERSITY: This is obviously another essential need that an employer should fulfill as humans always seek for change and variety. Without it, your employees’ performance level may drop eventually.

  • Diversity is crucial in order to stimulate the curious minds of your people, so you need to give them varying tasks and assignments from time to time.
  • You could also schedule a specific day where they can get rid of their uniforms.
  • Just incorporate random varieties in order for them to feel a bit of thrill and excitement, even if they are going to the same workplace every single day.

THE NEED FOR SIGNIFICANCE: Significance is more likely to result to company loyalty. If we feel significant, chances are, we tend to stay so that we could still connect to those who value us. So, how do you meet this need?

  • Begin with understanding how valuable your people are to your company.
  • Then, classify them according to their working abilities.
  • Know what makes them unique, their skills, and experiences that make them special.
  • Recognize and praise them based on the special qualifications they possess.


Hope is another significant factor humans need for existence. As a superior, do whatever it takes to establish hope in the minds of your people.

  • Hope always result to positivity, just do not be too exaggerated.
  • Instead, focus on more realistic aspects.
  • Instill in their minds that things can go wrong anytime, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot something to correct those mistakes.

know how to improve employee performance


Balance can also be a tool in order to keep your employees productive. As an executive, ensure that you are maintaining balance not only in your life, but also with the lives of your employees. Select the areas where you might be lacking and do something to change it for the better. For example, if you are seeing an overworking employee, show concern by sending them home and giving them a half day schedule the next day.

And when its time for performance evaluation, you will need performance evaluation sheets. On the internet, you will find lots of performance evaluation examples for different fields, which are print-ready and commonly uploaded in .doc format.

Performance Evaluation Forms as Basis for Employees’ Effectiveness

Performance evaluation forms are assessment forms that are based on a person’s over all performance in his or her responsibilities at the work place. This may include the strengths and weaknesses of the person as well as the goal of the person involved. The performance evaluation forms are normally conducted for employees who are up to promotion or demotion. Performance evaluation forms should also be given annually to employees to review their effectiveness to the company.

A company, ideally, should conduct performance evaluation forms for employees. This is to ensure that the employees are doing their job as best as they could. With too many employees working for a single company, it would be very hard to know which one deserves a raise and which others do not.

checklist type performance appraisal

2 Major Types of Performance Evaluation Forms

1.) Checklist Type:

A checklist type of template may contain different choices in the forms. An employee can only check those that are applicable to his performance. This performance evaluation forms template will render a not so accurate outcome since there will only be a few choices given. The employee cannot freely expand his or her answers.

2.) Essay Type:

An essay type of template is much easier for the employee because it gives a lot of spaces for the employee to expand his or her explanation. This kind of template though would be very tedious to the assessor because the assessor needs to read every thoughts of the employee. Imagine if you have about hundreds of employees!

sample teacher evaluation essay

Choosing the Best Form Templates

Sometimes, it can be very timeconsuming to create performance evaluation forms templates. Most managers as we all know are very busy with their hectic schedule that making a unique performance evaluation forms for employees could be too much. Thus, there are online websites that provide performance evaluation forms free.

There are too many performance evaluation examples but how can one know which one is suitable for the company? The performance evaluation forms should be based on the company’s vision and goals. It should incorporate the aim of the company, thus relating it to the employee’s performance.

After the performance evaluation forms have been answered, the manager or an HR representative should discuss the appraisal with the employee involved. An employee can then complain or accept the assessor’s review of the evaluation. After both parties have agreed to the result, the performance evaluation forms must be signed by the employee and the assessor.

Reviewing Employee Performance Evaluation for a Better Company

Employee performance evaluation is an appraisal of the over-all performance of an employee working on a certain company. This determines the contributions of an employee to the company and will have a basis for the renewal of a contract.

What is in an Employee Performance Evaluation?

Employee performance evaluation is done by the Human Resource Team or by the manager. Some companies do this annually while other companies only do this when a promotion is up for a particular employee. An employee performance evaluation form should incorporate the following:

Rating of Strengths and Weaknesses

  • This section of the employee performance evaluation contains a list of characteristics expected from the job.
  • It may include an employee’s communication skills, reliability, innovation, professionalism and many more.
  • This can be answered by rating the employee’s characteristics concerning the job with 5 as very good and 1 as poor.

employee performance appraisal form

Areas for Development

  • This section provides suggestions on what the employee needs to enhance when it comes to his or her job performance.
  • It mainly contains constructive comments from the manager.
  • This is a vital discussion between the manager and the employee during an employee performance evaluation.


The manager set goals that are realistic together with the employee. These planned goals should be based on the review of the evaluation and must help in achieving the company’s vision.

Parts of an Employee Performance Evaluation Form

There are important things to consider in conducting an employee performance evaluation.

  • The first part of performance evaluation examples should state the responsibilities of the employee to be evaluated.
  • The second part will be about the employee’s skills and talents. It should have columns and rows for additional comments by the evaluator.
  • In the third and last part, both the manager and the employee should affix their signatures at the end of the form.

Most managers complain about paper-based employee performance evaluation. Reviewing employee performance evaluation forms are very tedious and takes too much time and effort especially if there are that many employees in the company. There are some internet-based softwares which are now highly available to make the evaluation easier and more accurate. This employee performance evaluation software is very convenient since this is automated. The manager can then just print a hard copy of the evaluation and sign it together with the employee.

employee performance appraisals

For a small company with about less than twenty employees, a paper-based employee performance evaluation is practical since it will not take too much time to assess. However, if the company conducting the evaluation is rather a massive firm, an employee performance evaluation software is the best choice to make the appraisal quickly without compromising the results.