Jelly shoes are made from a plasticized PVC plastic known as jelly rubber. Available in a variety of colors and shapes, these shoes made their debut in the 1980s and have enjoyed periods of popularity ever since. And today, from the discount racks of general retailers to the shelves of world-renowned shoe designers, jelly shoes are making a comeback. Designs range from the simple glittery flats of the 80’s to beautiful sculpted sandals and chunk heels that are redefining the definition of jelly shoes for a new generation.

flexible and comfy anne hathaway jelly shoes

Common features of jelly shoes

  • Flexible jelly rubber molding: In most cases, these shoes are comprised entirely of jelly rubber. Jelly pop shoes often feature semi-open designs to allow for breathing, moisture wicking and increased comfort. Sizes range from youth to adult for a variety of fitting options. Some models include cork or weaved textiles for an accented appearance.
  • One piece design: The one piece, seamless design provides outstanding durability and easy wearing. Simply slip on your jelly shoes and hit the road. A lack of seams increases comfort, provides a snug fit and allows the jelly shoes to maintain their shape and comfort for years without degradation or tears.
  • Light weight: The rubberized PVC is incredibly light. In most cases, jelly shoes only weigh a few ounces. This makes them easy to wear in a variety of environments. Whether you are hitting the beach, enjoying a night out with friends or running errands, jelly shoes offer comfort, versatility and a fashionable appearance.

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Jelly shoes were once a discount store staple. While these cheap jelly shoes are still easy to find, many modern jelly shoes are a true work of art. Many of the world’s most popular shoe designers have jelly shoe designs slated to hit the runway this year. Popular designer labels include:

  1. Vivienne Westwood
  2. Moschino
  3. Gucci
  4. Mulberry
  5. Givenchy
  6. Melissa Jelly Shoes
  7. Republic

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The Advantage of Jelly Shoes

When it comes to footwear, comfort and versatility are important. While jelly shoes might not be perfect for every occasion, their expanding choice of designs and materials make them an increasingly popular choice for every day wear. Advantages over traditional shoes include:

rare pointed jelly footwear

  • Airy design: Most jelly shoes include open designs to promote air flow. This results in cooler feet, greater comfort, reduced moisture and odor elimination.
  • Durability: Jelly shoes are able to withstand both hot and cold temperatures with ease. The non-porous rubberized PVC resists virtually all staining and wipes clean with a little warm water and mild detergent. Jelly shoes are also impervious to water. This means that they can be worn in nearly any weather or setting without fear of ruining the shoes.
  • Variety: The nature of plasticized PVC makes it easy to create jelly shoes in virtually any color. This makes it simple and affordable to keep jelly shoes in your wardrobe that match with any outfit. From neon pink with glitter to a foxy nude strap design, jelly shoes for women are simple to match to any mood, outfit or lifestyle.