Jack Rogers sandals are among the few brands that have successfully managed to stay in the footwear industry amidst the fickle tastes of consumers. Jack Rogers is known for its classic strap design that hasn’t changed much after a couple of decades. The sandals provide comfort during the hot summer season and can be paired to almost all casual to semi-formal attires.

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Getting to Know the Brand

These unique sandals were a local commodity of several cobblers or shoemakers in the Palm Beach area in Florida until Jack Rogers started a store in 1960 that would mass produce and sell them across America. The classic Jack Rogers Navajo sandals became even more popular when Jacqueline Kennedy, the first lady at that time, paired this footwear with her regular casual or summer outfit.

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Jack Rogers has constantly introduced several designs and styles of its sandals but still maintained that classic Navajo touch. Today, the brand has expanded its product line to include all other essential women’s apparel like shoes, boots, handbags, and designer dresses.

The Company’s Product Line

  • Jack Rogers sandals. The largest bulk of the brand’s inventory is composed of its huge line of sandals. The styles of available sandals ranges from the simple and plain slipper-type, flip-plops, flats, laced, heeled, wedges, to the more intricate stilettos. The market of which are generally the teen and adult women. Most of the sandals feature those intricate whipstitches, and the circular patterns made on its front strap often resemble a flower which gives that blooming touch in their design. All sandals are handcrafted from the finest leather and rubber materials to ensure quality and durability even after years of usage.
  • Shoes and boots. Aside from its signature Jack Rogers sandals, the company has also ventured in selling shoes and boots. Its few but stylish designs of shoes are mostly flats, slip-ons, and pumps. The black and light brown or flesh-colored pumps are fit for use during formal occasions. They are made out of leather and some are crafted from suede and still, the shoe linings feature the signature whipstitch. For the flats, the more colorful varieties can be found. There are ballet flats, the tough and durable moccasin, the loafers, and all other styles of slip-ons. These shoes are comfortable and can be the best on-the-go footwear. For the boots, Jack Rogers offer the classic knee-high leather boots, winter fur boots, ankle boots, and including a rubber water or highland boots.

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  • Bags and dresses. Compared to Jack Rogers sandals, the bag and dress offerings of Jack Rogers are a little limited. The bags are currently limited to a number of tote styles and designs. Mostly, those that are only suitable for a summer or beach outfit. When it comes to dresses, the company produces bright-colored and comfortable shirt dresses. But because of their popularity, most of these limitedly produced apparels are constantly being sold out.

Choosing the Right Pair of Sandals

  • Choose according to purpose. Obviously, the foremost consideration when searching for a sandal is the purpose of wearing. There are plain and simple sandals fit for a regular stroll or walk and there are also those elaborately designed heeled sandals for the more formal purpose.
  • Choose according to the weather or season. Sandals can be worn all-year-round. Anything can go during the summer, and for the colder or wet seasons, the dark-colored Jack Rogers sandals are ideal.
  • Choose based on your budget. The good thing about Jack Rogers is the combined features of design, style, quality, and affordability. The cheap Jack Rogers sandals won’t even cost you more than a hundred dollars.
  • Choose according to your style. Finally, the choice of a particular style will depend on your personal liking.

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Since Jack Rogers is one of the notable sandal and footwear brands, there can now be several stores or online dealers that offer a Jack Rogers sandals sale or bazaars to shop from.