The J Lo perfume line is a prime example of how many movie stars have decided to cash in on their fame. However, by no stretch does this make the J Lo perfume fragrances substandard compared with other perfumes. In fact, J Lo perfume may be one of a very few that has the best qualities of an affordable perfume to be released this century.

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Since ancient times, it has been an act of flattery for those who admire an individual to attempt to mimic their style, their mannerisms, or even their scent in the hopes that by doing so one could become like the person he admires. During the Middle Ages and classical times, many queens would employ perfumers to create a scent that was unique to them so that the scent would not be confused with anyone else’s. This is a tradition that has been carried over to modern times with the advent of Hollywood and its glamorous stars.

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Jennifer Lopez, affectionately nicknamed “J Lo,” is an American-Latina actress, singer, dancer, and record producer. She likewise promotes her line of clothing and fragrances, such as the J Lo perfume. She began her career as a dancer on television for the hit comedy series “In Living Color” before making her way into acting where she took Hollywood by storm.

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In 2002 J Lo launched a line of scents with her first J Lo perfume fragrance, the J Lo Glow perfume. This J Lo perfume was an incredible success. It made over $100 million in its first year alone. J Lo Glow perfume was followed by Still in 2003, as well as a remake of Glow called Miami Glow by J. Lo, which was named after her hometown. The Glow line continued to bring in money with a line of body lotions and bronzing products, but 2005 saw the addition of the scent Live by Jennifer Lopez. Live Luxe, was released in August 2006 and Glow After Dark followed close on its heels in early 2007. Sunkissed Glow and My Glow, were both subsequently released in 2009.

Each of the J Lo perfume scents has been created with the help of well-known perfumers such as Caroline Sabas, Catherine Walsh, Claudette Belnavis, Dominique Ropion, Ellen Molner, Gabriela Chelariu, Harry Fremont, Honorine Blanc, Jim Krivda, Louise Turner, Michel Girard, Shyamala Maisondieu, and Steve Demercado, who contributed their advice and expertise to the scents.

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One of the most interesting things about J. Lo Perfume is not how many different scents are available. It is not even totally because the scents themselves have a tanginess that keeps them from getting either too sweet or too cloying. It is actually the price of J. Lo Perfume. With a price tag of $15-$40, J. Lo Perfume is a line of fragrance that many people can readily afford and enjoy.