Originally, boat shoes were designed to be just that, shoes to be worn on boats. Today, however, these shoes come in a wide variety for both men and women and their versatility is amazing. These shoes are also known as deck shoes and unlike their use in the past, which was to keep fishermen on their feet on the slippery decks of boats while fishing, today they are just a casual footwear and are worn and loved by many.

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What to Expect from Boat Shoes

Boat shoes were originally designed to be tough and sturdy by creating a lot of traction thus prevent slipping and falling on slippery decks while sailing. Today, these shoes are as common among people in school, offices and on roads as they are among sailors. Boat shoes for women to be specific come in a wide range of colors and designs to go with all colors and designs of clothing that women wear. These shoes have a rubber sole that maintains the traction present in the original shoes and are quite suitable especially when working around water or on rainy days. Some of the main features of boat shoes that make them as popular as they are today include:

  • They are made of tough material hence are durable
  • They have a tough rubber outsole that has a lot of traction hence sturdy
  • They are waterproof hence suitable for the wet season

Easy Maintenance Tips

Just like for women, boat shoes for men were also originally designed for the purposes of sailing alone and despite the development of the modern pair, some of the features of the original shoe are maintained in the modern ones. The modern design of these shoes is still designed to handle adverse conditions and remain strong through it all. Despite that fact, these shoes still require some level of maintenance like:

  • Applying quality oil to the leather used in their making from time to time to enable them maintain their water proof nature as well as flexibility
  • Drying them appropriately after their contact with water
  • Stuffing them when storing to enable them maintain their shape

Black has always been a welcomed colour, be it for clothes or shoes as it goes well with close to all other colours in clothing. In the same way, black boat shoes are the most common colour of these shoes available today.

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Trusted Name of Boat Shoes

Timberland boat shoes are a very trusted pair, since the manufacturers of the Timberland brand are known to manufacture quality footwear that is both durable and highly functional. When buying these shoes, consider price, design, size, color and intended use.

Boat shoes are the ultimate casual shoes today and are, therefore, a must have for both men and women. It may be for casual use nowadays but it would still hold true to what it is famously known for – durable and slip-free.