Sunglasses are worn to protect the eyes. They function by preventing bright light and the harmful radiation of the sun from reaching or entering the eyes. However, sunglasses are not only worn for protecting one’s eyes from but also as a fashion statement. When it comes to making a fashion statement, Italian designer sunglasses are known to be the most appropriate. Italian sunglasses are uniquely designed in terms of shape and style making them stand out from the rest. It is a known fact that the top brands of sunglasses are Italian in origin.

worldly initium eyewear aviator italian made sunglasses

Designs and Features

Italian sunglasses are designed with the wearers’ needs in mind. There are Italian sunglasses for men and women. The designs for both men and women’s sunglasses vary in order to fit the preferences of both genders uniquely. For instance, sunglasses for women are designed with floral prints and glitters. Italian sunglasses are different from other sunglasses because of their unique features in terms of design and the technique in making the sunglasses. These include:

  • When worn, Italian sunglasses accentuate the wearer’s features and individuality.
  •  They are made from strong and sturdy materials, explaining why these sunglasses are quite durable and rarely break.
  • Since they are made from high quality lenses, which mostly are polarized, Italian sunglasses offer great protection the eyes from the sun’s harmful radiation.
  • They come in unique designs and styles such as aviator, rimless, square and oval. They are also made from different materials like plastic, stainless steel and polycarbonate frames.
  • These sunglasses are made to readily blend in with any type of attire, both casual and official.
  • Italian sunglasses are also designed for various sporting activities such as those for golfing, cycling and skiing.

Popular Brands

There are various Italian sunglasses brands available in the market and some of the top brands include:

  • RetroSuperFuture – These sunglasses come in unique colors.
  • Marco Eyewear – Some of their popular sunglasses include the Marco 76C1, 75C1 and 70C1.
  • Persol EyewearPersol sunglasses are made from high quality material and are vey iconic sunglasses. Some of their top collections include the PO3033V, PO3032V and PO3031V.
  • Carrera Eyewear – Their sunglasses are stylish and mostly worn by celebrities. There are also affordable Carrera sunglasses.
  •  Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses – Dolce and Gabbana glasses are known for elegance and style.

vintage italian inspired sunglasses

Italian designed sunglasses are known to be costly. But don’t worry since there are cheap Italian sunglasses that you can get by buying them online, on sales or buying second-hand sunglasses. If it is style and elegance that you are looking for in eyewear, then, go for Italian sunglasses.