Trash pumps are apparatuses that are used to remove any kind of waste or trash for a wide variety of reasons. They are utilized in many industries to pump out industrial waste, livestock effluent, public sewage, piggery and chicken processing waste, and quarry dewatering. They are also used in homes for many dewatering procedures.

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It basically tells us that they can be used in commercial situations as well as at home.  Some of us may have probably been more exposed to water trash pumps under the unfortunate circumstance of flooding the basement. It is likely that trash pumps were used to remove excess water and waste.


The key part about trash pumps is to know which one to choose in a specific situation.  These pumps come in all different shapes and sizes and are meant to work in a variety of environments.  Therefore, it is important to consider certain factors before buying one.

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The Type of Pump You Need

Before buying any tool or piece of equipment for any job, proper evaluation is needed so you can purchase the correct equipment.  Just like any item, there are pumps made for different levels of use.  Thinking of these things in advance can save you a lot of time and money because you will be focused now on buying the pump rather than all of the basics you should have considered prior.

  • Industrial trash pumps are engineered to handle industrial sewage and wastewater. Often, their features include parts for filtering mixed garbage composed of solids and liquids, power suction, and anti-leak guards. They are also designed to handle corrosive and abrasive chemicals and objects common in chemical and manufacturing industries.
  • Residential trash pumps are more compact and somehow portable. They are engineered for heavy duty suction and convenient dewatering of both clear and dirty water, manholes, and even swimming pools. Some models have the feature to reduce clogging during suction that allows for a better flow of water. Trash pumps used at home are also easy to install and operate as they are mostly automatic.
  • If you will be using trash pumps inside an establishment with active workers, then you can look into electric trash pumps as an alternative to the traditional ones. These are trash pumps powered by an electric engine and can be used where self-priming is essential. Some models can be submerged under water and left running for hours without human supervision.
  • For basic dewatering processes, water trash pumps are used. Most models can only handle clear water but are used in various applications: dewatering in the construction site, water suction in lakes or ponds, and dewatering of swimming pools. Higher models have mechanisms for pumping out water that contains solids. 

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Defining Your Budget for Trash Pumps

Just like any equipment with different models, trash pumps that can operate more hours and have more features also cost more. Before purchasing one, you must first define your budget to avoid wasting money on features that you do not really need.

1. Decide on how you are going to use the pump. Industrial trash pumps often cost more than residential ones because of size and installation matters. Also, the cost of pumps allotted for clear water only is usually different from those that can handle mixed sewage.

2. Look for online catalogues or brochures. Narrow down your choices by analyzing the features of each model. You may opt to have additional features such as automatic startup or cast iron body but they also have additional costs.

3. Compare their prices. Sometimes, two manufacturers can have models with similar features but have different prices. You also have to consider product warranties and installation kits when making a choice.

What we are getting at are specific situations that can affect your budget, so that is why these are determined on a case-to-case basis. Your budget may be a bit higher especially under emergency situations such as basement flooding.  Luckily, you can find trash pumps for sale in both industrial warehouse outlets as well as in most neighborhood hardware stores and online retailers.

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Start off with these fundamentals and the purchasing of trash pumps will go a lot smoother.  Forgetting to account for your function of use or budget can lead to you wasting a large amount of time and money which is what we all want to avoid.