Wonder how much a doctor of internal medicine salary ranges? Internal medicine salary is perhaps one of the income range everyone would dream of. A doctor of internal medicine is a physician who specializes in the care and treatment of adult patients. They do not focus on any one specific part of the body like a specialist would. With that, learning all the skills involved is highly technical and rigorous. They are trained to view the body as a whole and understand how all of the various organs and systems present in the human body work and how they work together. That alone is enough reason why internal medicine salary is above other professions in medicine.

internal medicine doctors salary

While this might sound like the same description that your family doctor might have, they are actually totally different. Your family doctor probably knows more about pediatrics, obstetrics, sports injuries, and baby care than a doctor of internal medicine would know. A doctor of internal medicine is trained to work on adults and only on adults. They do no perform surgery, treat children, or deliver babies.

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The average internal medicine salary in the United States is roughly $180,000 per year. Keep in mind that is the average across all states and all ranges of experience. Newer doctors will of course have a lower salary and doctors in areas where there is a greater demand for internal medicine specialists will be able to command a higher salary than someone in an area with a lesser need.

When we examine internal medicine salary by state we find that the average salary for a doctor of internal medicine in Los Angeles is right around $200,000. In New York the average internal medicine salary is higher at $216,000. Finally, when we look at the middle of the country the average salary drops to $186,000. So as you can see, larger metropolitan areas pay much better for a doctor of internal medicine than lower populated regions. This could be of higher cost of living as well as the scarcity of doctors.

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Pay decreases even further in rural areas where doctors are receiving the lowest pay for their skills. A look at Georgeown, Indiana, which is a fairly rural city shows that a doctor of internal medicine would only be able to command a salary of around $172,000 on average. While this is still very high compared to the general population, among doctors it is at the bottom end of the salary curve.

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So for someone wishing to have this range of internal medicine salary, one would need to practice this profession n the right place. If you judge on base salary alone then you would be packing your bags for New York City. But you need to consider other factors such as cost of living, taxes, and the availability of jobs. It does no good to move to Los Angeles to be a doctor if no one is hiring and if you take the cost of housing into consideration then that tiny Georgetown, Indiana might allow $172,000 to go as far as $216,000 would in New York. Still, no matter where you practice or what range of internal medicine salary you have, having passion in your job which gives priceless care for others is indeed a noble profession.