Insulated coveralls may not be the height of fashion but are incredibly effective garments for use outdoors, in work areas and in specialized circumstances. The days of the drab one color-one size fits all approach to insulated coveralls are over and there are now many innovative designs, materials, and levels of insulation.

Today’s garments cover the gamut from the standard work issue traditional brown insulated coveralls to insulated Camo coveralls. In addition, kids insulated coveralls are now available as are waterproof insulated coverall varieties, and even Tyvek coveralls.

brown quilt lined insulated coveralls

Insulated coveralls took the place of the denim overalls commonly seen in farming scenarios and are generally, much heavier. These products are comprised of a very durable outer layer of canvas duck fabric, a layer of polyester insulation similar to that found in a sleeping bag, and a nylon or cotton inside lining.

Canvas comes in two basic types: pure cotton and cotton/polyester/nylon. While both are very tightly woven and provide some level of waterproofing, the cotton blend is much less water absorbent and commonly used for waterproof insulated coveralls. In addition, waterproofing agents such as Scotch guard may be applied to the fabric to increase the ability to shed water.

Which insulated overalls to purchase?

This really depends on the type of work or recreational activities you do. Basically, anyone working in extreme weather conditions or using heavy equipment should own an insulated coverall.

  • The standard brown tried and true coveralls are great for general outdoor work.
  • Camo is best for use with hunting and sports such as paint ball.
  • When buying kids insulated coveralls, you need to take into account the coolness factor.
  • Waterproof insulated coveralls are a must for anyone working in wet areas.

Tyvek is used in situations where there are particulates in the air such as asbestos, lead paint, or other biohazards. This material is extremely lightweight compared to a standard coverall. Tyvek is considered a disposable material and not meant to be used in extreme weather conditions. It is excellent for keeping out moisture, particles, and retaining heat. Therefore, despite its light and airy look, Tyvek is a great insulating material.

smokey branch kids camouflage coveralls

When to use insulated coveralls?

  • In charge of bringing in firewood in 20 degree weather? Insulated coveralls would make this chore far more enjoyable.
  • Just bought a beautiful 100 year old home and are going to plunge into some remodeling? Far better to have an insulated suit than risk health issues.

In conclusion, take the time to think about the potential uses you will have for an insulated coverall and then shop wisely. Look at the features of each offering and weigh price versus quality.