Whitehaus sinks have a reputation as style innovators in the kitchen. The Whitehaus company has been providing top quality kitchen sinks and accessories to homeowners that have interesting designs for over ten years. If you want something that will stand out in your interior decoration, the present collection of Whitehaus kitchen sinks is guaranteed to provide you with everything you need.

whitehaus isabella half-oval shaped bathroom sinks

Whitehaus collection sinks exceed the standards of the industry by designing innovative sinks that transform the home bath and kitchen into a reflection of the taste and preference of its owner. The company has been raising its standards in home decoration for over a decade. Whitehaus products are not just pleasing to look at; they are also crafted in a way that will stand guests, children, the test of time and other external forces. Whitehaus bathroom sinks and other designs ranged from the traditional to the contemporary. They provide a fresh alternative for homeowners that have discriminating tastes. The products made by Whitehaus are available all over the United States through exclusive better bath and kitchen dealer showrooms.

small u-shaped wall mounted whitehaus bathroom sink

Among the bestselling Whitehaus sinks is the Fireclay Farmhaus sink. This special sink is made with vitreous china that contains a higher amount of feldspar and quartz, making the material thicker and heavier by 30 percent compared to regular vitreous china. Farmhaus Fireclay sink is environmentally friendly and totally handmade. The finished product is resistant to stains, durable and very attractive. The patented Whitehaus sinks are all available in a wide variety of sizes, colors and designs.

isabella rectangular wall mount sink from whitehaus

Installations Steps

There are several steps to follow in installing Whitehaus sinks. These include the following:

  • Select the spot and mark a rough layout for your sink as well as its corresponding fixtures. Make sure that you take measurements carefully. You need to be especially careful when marking the distances from the side bottoms of the sink to the spot where it aligns with the countertop surface. The marks that you made will be your guidelines. The exact measurement of your Whitehaus sink can be found in the information packet that comes with your purchase, on the page where the specifications of the product are listed.
  • Get a scroll saw or other similar cutting tools and make a hole in the countertop, to accommodate the sink.
  • Once you are done cutting the opening, start installing your under mount support bar, which can be ordered along with Whitehaus sinks. The kit will include support bars for the under mount and four flanges with screws.
  • After installing the under mount support and you have ensured that they are screwed in tightly, set in your sink as well as the counter top. Make sure that the sink is leveled.
  • Put a bead of caulk on the rim of the sink before setting the counter.

contemporary bathroom whitehaus sinks

Before starting the installation of Whitehaus sinks, make sure that you remove the doors of the cabinets under the sink. This will provide more working space for you.