Indeed an ingrown toenail can be really painful, uncomfortable and can cause itching and redness. The name defines the problem. In this condition, the toenail grows in the opposite direction. Meaning, it grows inwards instead of growing outwards. The condition is called onychocryptosis and is known to be quite common. Fortunately, there are a lot of ingrown toenail treatment available today, from natural methods to modern and medical approaches.

Ingrown Toenail Best Treatment

If you cut your toenails too short or incorrectly, you might suffer from this condition too. Always remember that too much on either side is bad. Too short or even too long can invite the toenail fungus. There are quite a lot of ingrown toenail remedies that are known to work well but in extreme cases, you will have to see a doctor.

You can go for ingrown toenail home treatment too. There are many different ways some of which are very easy as well as very helpful. These include soaking your feet in warm salt water. Use Epsom salt for best results. It will disinfect your toe very effectively. Another option is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is supposed to be the best ingrown toenail treatment because it takes care of the pain as well as removes all the fungus from the toe.

All you have to do to get the best of this ingrown toenail treatment is cut the problematic area, rub the skin around it and then soak your feet in tea tree oil or Epsom salt. As aforementioned, if the pain is too much, then you have to see the doctor. Lavender oil, vinegar and olive oil are also excellent for the ingrown toenail treatment.

ingrown toenail home treatment and prevention

You can also choose to go for herbal ingrown toenail treatment. There are no side effects and the problem will be eradicated easily. Remember that fungus doesn’t go off easily. It’ll take at least a couple of months for the ingrown toenail treatment to work thoroughly. So don’t give up easily. You can go for laser treatment too but honestly, the cost is really not worth it. It costs too much.

Hopefully, your question on how to fix ingrown toenail has been answered. For such problems, prevention is always better. Maintain healthy feet and cut those nails regularly. Don’t wear extra tight shoes because that will lead to sweating and ultimately the painful condition. Keep your feet clean and dry because fungus grows in damp and moist conditions.

Take good care and there is no reason why you should be suffering from ingrown toenails or anything else. That way, you won’t even have to worry about the ingrown toenail treatment. However, it is always great to have some knowledge about the condition.