Infrared heaters are considered to be a rising superstar as more and more homes are switching to this kind of heater solution. Its efficiency is clearly seen in the increasing number of sales in the appliance market. This heating option intrigues those who have not yet used the infrared heating solution.

What is an infrared heater? It is a device where high temperature through radiation is emitted to anything with a lower temperature. The wavelength of the infrared heater is within the range of 780nm to 1mm. It varies depending on the needed heat inside the house. Some infrared heaters use a hot filament to have heat emissions. This is called the electric infrared radiant heaters. Others use fuel to form heat for emission. This is called Gas-fired heaters. The surface of the device is covered with quartz glass which is resistant to heat.

powerful infrared ceramic heaters

Electric infrared heater is mostly used in the homes of modern times. It uses tungsten wire as heating filaments. Other elements that are used are carbon, iron alloys, chromium and aluminum. Among all these, carbon is the best because it heats faster than the rest. The downside of carbon is that it has an on-and-off availability. Because of this, manufacturers opted for tungsten instead.

Are infrared heaters safe? This is one of the many questions that arise about their health effects.

Actually, infrared has the ability to tarnish health. When a person is exposed to the thermal wavelength for a long period of time, they can experience an indirect skin burn. Also, the position of the infrared heaters must always be monitored especially when there are children around. Close distance from the wavelength can cause burns, aside from accidentally touching the bulb. Excessive exposure to large amount of infrared radiation will cause pigmentation on the iris and blurring of the aqueous humor.

Advantages of Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters have a good list of advantages. That is why it is used by more and more homes. Here are the reasons why.

  • Less energy use. It does not need to warm-up. This is a big advantage already. Cutting energy usage is equivalent to cutting out bills and minimizing pollution.
  • It does not give low quality air unlike the conventional heaters. You need not to install another device to improve the quality of air inside the house. That is a budget-wise and space-wise advantage.
  • It directly heats the person and the objects that need to be heated through electromagnetic emissions.  With this home heater, the heat is spread evenly inside the house.
  • It is smoke-free and UV radiation-free. You don’t have to worry about suffocation.
  • It has no noise that will disturb people in the house. This will make you and your family to enjoy a peaceful ambience.
  • It is easily installed. Other s types require floor heating installation that needs the right radiant heat panels to have a good heating effect.

efficient infrared radiant electric heaters

The best rated infrared heaters are:

  •  Dr. Heater, American Comfort
  • Aura
  • Comfort Zone
  •  Dura Flame
  •  Fire Sense
  • Fostoria
  • Infratech
  • Optimus
  • Q-mark
  • Red Core
  •  Soleus
  • Sunpak
  • World Marketing

All things have downsides and winning points. Learning how to weigh things is the trick. Knowing the advantages of infrared heaters is an enlightenment of what good things it can bring to your life.