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Inflatable jumpers are always a good addition to your kids’ play area and parties. They are relatively safe and are an absolute joy to kids and adults alike. They are also colorful and designed to appeal to kids and kids at heart. Inflatable jumpers usually come in designs that resemble colorful castles, houses, animals and life sized cartoon characters. Oftentimes, they come with slides and other accessories like balls for more fun.

Advantages of inflatable jumpers

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  • They are safe
  • They are easy to put up
  • They are available in different colors, designs and styles
  • They can also be used for advertising
  • They are water proof – made with a strong, thick rubber that is water resistant
  • Fire redundant- The material is not easily combustible making it particularly safe for kids

While a lot of parents actually invest on putting inflatable jumpers for their homes, others do not think it is wise to spend a lot of money on something that the kids will outgrow someday. And so they reserve the inflatable fun for special occasions like birthday parties and summer days out with friends. This is made possible by many companies offering rental of these large toys.

Renting Inflatables

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Inflatables for rent may be hired by the day, the week, or even longer depending on the rental company. While most of these companies specialize in the rental of inflatables for parties and other related occasions, others offer it for advertising purposes. There are inflatables for rent that specializes in corporate events, where, they put your business name and/or logo on their inflatables.

An example of a company that offers inflatable jumpers is the Inflatables 2000. The Company not only offers the jumpers but also other services like tents, banners, flags all for indoor and outdoor use. The products they offer range from giant balloons, inflatable costumes, arches and air dancers.

Some examples of reliable inflatable rental stores are the East Inflatables, Happy Jump, Jumper Inflatable Bouncers and Inflatable Zoo. You can find cheap inflatable bouncers offered by many companies in the country. There are so many varieties you can choose from. Whether it is for personal purposes or commercial reasons, you cannot miss finding cheap inflatable jumpers. A person can go through several sites, to find one that offers the best choice.

Popular designs

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Among most popular designs of inflatable jumpers is the moon walk, also known as space walks or moon bouncers. They are the most sought after and are remarkably safe. Castles with jumping sections and tall slides are also a top favorite; boys tend to love inflatables with basketball hoop and climbing area. Other types include jolly jumpers, party jumpers, inflatable water park, inflatable playgrounds, obstacle courses.

There are also inflatable jumpers for toddlers are relatively smaller than those used by kids. Some products of inflatable jumpers for toddlers induce Animal park, animal alley, Chopper Ville, Chuggy Choo Choo, Little Builders, Learn and Laugh among others.