Tire replacement is something every car owner needs to know about. However, you should not need to replace your tires if you maintain them in good condition. This way, you will get the most out of them before wear and tear compel you to get new ones such as Metzeler tires.

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Tire Repair Options

Before you think about tire replacement, try to use the following tire repair options. Most of these options are designed to make the tires last longer.

  • Tire Sealants – These pressurized sprays are used to inflate flat tires. They also coat the interior of the tire with liquid sealants. Later, the sealant will harden and close any holes that were created by punctures. The tire replacement cost for those who use sealants is around $ 5. However, this price varies depending on the sealant brand and the can size it is packaged in. Even though sealants do not repair the tires permanently, they will fix the flat well enough for you to drive the car until you permanently repair or replace the tire.
  • Plugs and Patches – plugs are inserts coated using adhesives. These will be used to fill tire puncture holes. On the other hand, patches are plastic or rubber pieces which are glued inside a punctured tire. They seal and cover holes within the tire. You can use these repair methods either together or separately. Individual plugs and patches retail from $ 10 to $15. Combinations of these two will come with a tire repair cost of between $ 25 and $ 30.

Tire Replacement

However, if the tire damage is too severe for repair, you will have to replace the tire altogether. Here, you should note that the tire replacement cost will vary depending on various factors. This cost will depend on whether you will replace your tire with a retreaded, use or new tire. The tire replacement cost also depends on the tire brand you are looking to use as a replacement. Anyhow, suffice to say that the tire replacement cost will range between $ 50 and $ 200.

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Tire Replacement Guidelines

You need to use tire replacement guidelines so that you don’t damage your vehicle. There is no uniform age at which you have to replace your tire. The car tire replacement will depend on a number of things. In general, however, the common factors influencing the durability of a tire include:

  • Frequency of Usage: Using your tires frequently tends to make them last longer
  • Vehicle Storage: It is unwise to store your car in the loaded mode for more than 6 months with no rotation
  • Climate: Using a car in warm climates will reduce the lifespan of your car tires. This is because the tires will be more exposed to heat causing quicker traction.

Tire replacement is a top priority of every car owner. There should be a sufficient amount of investment for the proper care, maintenance and replacement of the whole set. Many owners believe that the car is an extensive of their homes, thus prompting them to exercise all important tasks for the proper care of their vehicle.