Engine oil maintenance is a very important part of caring for your car. Over time when driving your car, the engine oil breaks down and loses density. This lowers the protection that your engine has. This allows wear and tear on the inner working parts of the engine.

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Importance Of Oil Maintenance

Regular engine oil maintenance is typically done every 3000 miles to keep the oil and engine from breaking down. You have a lot of parts inside the engine that their proper working order depends on the oil to have the proper density. Listed below are some important points to know more about.

  • When the oil density breaks down it allows the piston walls to get scratches and let oil get on top of the piston. This also causes the engine to smoke and this smoke is caused by the oil on top of the piston burning.
  • Furthermore, it also causes the loss of oil in the engine and your engine won’t have the proper amount of oil in it. Once the engine starts burning and losing oil it creates a whole new set of problems. One of them being you would have to keep an eye on the oil and add oil when it is low.
  • Another being the breakdown of the parts inside the engine and some of them can even lock up and not let the engine turn over. If the engine does not turn over then it won’t run and you’re not going anywhere.
  • Another thing that you need to remember is the drain plug should always be tight and have a seal on it. This keeps it from leaking oil when you are driving or even when it is parked.

People just don’t realize all the problems that not changing you oil can cause. It is very important that you keep up your car’s engine oil maintenance to keep the car running the way it should. It is recommended that you change the oil in your car every 3000 miles and doing this regularly extends the life of your engine.

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Savings In The Long Run

It is not that costly to have your regular maintenance of engine oil done when it is time and it saves you money in the long run. The problems that come from not changing your oil can get very costly. Once that oil breaks down and starts affecting the inside of the engine you have to have the entire engine taken apart. Then pretty much all the parts inside the engine will have to be replaced. If you do the work yourself it can cost your anywhere from $150.00 to $1000.00 and can cost you double if you pay someone to do it. Do yourself a favor and keep up with your engine oil maintenance to save you time, trouble and money.